In your bag 453, Mark Sommer
Todays shot is really packed to the gills and visually very appealing. Mark has a plethora of different cameras and he is more than happy to use them. Come and have a look.

Hello Japan camera hunter,

I am William Mark Sommer and I am a artist out of Auburn California. I love shooting any type of subject, but I really enjoy documenting life. I have a big list of active cameras that I always enjoy shooting new cameras for new projects. I really enjoy turning most of my project series into self-published books that show the life I enjoy! I am also In the process of doing my 2nd 365 project where I am going to be using each one of there cameras.

List of equipment:  A. Impossible 600 film  B. Kodak KB28 point and shoot  C. Hasselblad 500c/m  D. Hassleblad back (color film)  E. 365 2011 post card print  F. Pencils  G. Stickers  H. Polaroid 600  I. Minolta flash  J. Lomography Fisheye 2  K. Fuji instal mini 7s  L. Film  M. Shot film  N. Old instant photo of friends  O. Pens  P. Minolta XG7  Q. Polaroid SX-70  R. Polarizing filter.

thank you for your time!

-William Mark Sommer

Thanks for sharing your gear with us Mark. I love the layout, you have some really interesting gear in there. Next time a bag would be nice though.
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