In your bag 363, Nicholas Swan
Getting close, oooh yes we are getting close. So many quality bags to choose from. Nicholas has sent us this lovely bag to check out. Let’s have a good look at this lovely set up.

I always look at these. Why not make one too?

First I will share who I am. My name is Nicholas Swan. I live in Salt Lake City Utah with my wife and daughter. I work at a grocery store.

Mainly I shoot alone. And it seems more often at night. Which is curious because I am by no means a night person. And often times, go to bed before the house hold. I think I find it enjoyable to drive around in an unusually calm city with quiet music playing while I observe the scenery. Once I find some where that feels right. I pull over and start walking. I carry a flashlight for two reasons: First is for focusing. It helps when I just cannot see my focusing point on the ground glass. Secondly, I do not like confrontation. Sometimes I find myself in a place that I should not be or that is not safe. Perhaps I could blind someone if I need to get away. The love in this bag, which you can not see because I dislike it (lowepro slingshot 200) is the RZ67. This camera is the most wonderful, enjoyable piece of equipment I have ever used. I love every step it takes to actuate the shutter. A real zen device I feel. I do use it as a walk-about camera or a tripod camera. When off the tripod, I typically leave the quick release plate on the body for a helpful grip while walking and composing hand held.

The least used is the Rolleiflex. This is my wife’s camera I purchased for her on her birthday this year. I seem to take it with me often when she is not using it. But I never seem to take it out of the bag. I think I’m learning 6×6 is not for me. But wow it can produce very sharp beautiful images. And it is enjoyable to use. Very small and light. Glad my wife loves it.

I shoot often at night so I added the tripod to this photo not that it fits in my bag but because it is used very very often.

The iphone is also used daily for the wonderful FREE Light Meter App called “Pocket Light Meter”. I highly recommend it.

November, in Utah, is extremely cold, white and wet. Winter is here and the gloves must come with me always.

Thanks for reading!

– Bogen 3063 head on Manfrotto 3011BN legs
– Mamiya RZ67 Profesional with waist level, 120mm Pro II back and 90mm 3.5 lens
– Iphone 4 – Pocket Light Meter
– Seius wind/weather proof gloves. Probably going to get a liner for these.
– Bogen quick release plate
– Spare Duracell 28l battery for RZ67
– Extra roll of Portra 400.
– Rolleiflex MX type 4
– Quantaray strap for RZ that I used to use when walking about but realize just leaving the plate on is easier and more comfortable.
– Fenix E25 flashlight
– Shutter release cable
– Micro fiber cloth

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Nicholas. It is a beautifully simple set up that you have there, very purposeful.
Check out Nicholas’ link and make sure you come and comment.

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