In your bag 432, Santiago del Aguila
A lovely clean and simple setup for you all today. The basics are all that are required for some people and Santiago really does have the basics. Oh, and a gorgeous Contax camera.

Hi! I’m Santiago del Aguila from Madrid, Spain. Last year I got posted here a bag that consisted of a contax IIIa and a canon 7D (that took the shots). As soon as I did my first rolls of film with the contax I fell in love with the rangefinder shooting y the telemetric focusing method. I liked the fact of the simplicity of the camera; it was compact and had a low weigh. Therefore I wished that I could manage to get a telemetric camera that actually worked, the contax didn’t worked at low speeds and the viewfinder was a bit shitty… even with all these issues I appreciated using it. So I started to look for a Camera that worked y looked out for the Bessa’s, the zeiss ikon and others including Leica… and that’s what finally came out. I worked a lot in summer, I went out in the countryside working 8h outside per day, managed to sell some things I didn’t use, and finally got enough to get a second hand leica M6 TTL and a new voigtlander 35mm f/2.5 color skopar… and I couldn’t be happier, it’s a dream come true.

So that is how I got this bag, I generally don´t take out the contax any more although I miss some of the lenses I had of the contax RF system. The bag is a retrospective 5 that I got recently, it`s compact and has enough space to carry along the 2 rangefinders (normally only the M6), extra film, a drawing blog A5, and a Flash. The flash is a Metz Mecablitz 20BC6 this isn’t  TTL but has some short of automatism that makes it very easy to use an works fine and was very cheap, more or less 25€ (new) and it works also on my 7D.

The photography I do is first of all at my free time, when studying arquitecture I don’t go out very often, so I suppose the photography I do is more or less a documentary of what I do. I hope a can soon make some trips and step up my game a little bit, for me it´s all about capturing scenes that I consider interesting… and I also think that I am great at missing then but that’s what it’s all about making the decision and  that is the difficult part for me.

This is my flickr:
This is my Leica M6 album:

Hope you all enjoy and sorry for the English mistakes if I may have.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Santiago. Lovely to see someone shooting with that classic Contax, you don’t see many of them anymore.
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