In your bag 451, Lachlan Dale
Lachlan has a really nice bag shot for us today. In fact it is two bag shots! One of them a polaroid lovers dream. Check it out.

Hello Japan Camera Hunter and fellow followers!

My name is Lachlan Dale and I am a avid follower of your site. I wanted to show the progress that I have made with my bag since the last time I was featured! Although I still have the same cameras within my collection, but it has grown considerably and I believe that I have developed and narrowed down on a particular style that I like to shoot with. I only now focus on shooting film, and rarely touch my Canon 60D anymore. Also I decided to move out of studying Film and TV and I am finally solely focusing on photography as it brings so much joy to my life.

Anyway, here are my two setups at the moment…

Bag #1

I have decided to cut down the amount of gear that I take with me places and here is the result of me doing so!

(Top row then bottom row)

– Notebook for ideas

– Original Leather Polaroid carry bag

– Yashica D with Yashikor 80mm lens and original lens cap

– Canon Reflex RM with 50mm f/1.2 lens

– Zelox Flash (to go with the Canon)

The film choice for this setup varies depending on the time of day I shoot. At the moment I am equipped with…

– Kodak BW400CN 35mm film for general day time shooting

– Ilford Delta 3200 35mm film for late afternoon and indoor shooting

At the present time I dont have any 120mm format film to show but Kodak Portra is a favourite of mine.

Here is my second favourite setup!

Bag #2

(Top row then bottom row)

– An original Tasman Hard leather case with lock & key

– Polaroid 600 with Polaroid pack film back

– Original Polaroid SX70

– Polaroid SX70 Sonar One Step

– Polaroid SLR680

My film choice that I choose to shoot with… (for the Polaroid SX70’s)

– Impossible Project’s PX680 Color Protection

– Impossible Project’s PX600 Silver Shade Black frame

For the Polaroid 600, I shoot with…

– Fujifilm FP-100C and also the FP-3000b

So there we have it! Thank you for checking my bag out and I hope you all enjoy my favourite setups and get inspired to shoot some film!

You can find some of my work over at…

Tumblr –

Instagram – lachayy

I hope you get the chance to look at my work and let me know what you think!

Thanks for sharing your great bags with us Lachlan. The polaroid bag is wonderful. Great stuff.
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