In your bag number 116, Phil Nelson
Todays bag come from Japan, yes that is right, Japan. We don’t actually get all that many bags from Japan, so it is always nice to see one on here. Come and see what Phil keeps in his bag…

My name is Phil, I’m a British guy living in Fukuoka, Japan. Been here for just over 3 years, for the most part I shoot street/travel and live music, the latter gives me a chance to indulge both my passions at once!

I use a Kata rucksack to hold my gear for most outings, especially if I’m going to lug a tripod around (which is rare I’ll admit). For street trips I’ll use a lightweight canvas shoulder bag.

I shoot digital probably 80% of the time since embracing it a few years ago. Still have a love for film and now that I have moved to a larger apartment, I intend to start developing at home again. So, the ratio will probably change to 60/40 digital over the coming months.

Right no more waffle. Here’s the gear:

Yashica Electro 35GS – Cheap and cheerful, fast lens, super easy to use and knocks out some decent images.

Tmax 400 – Use it fairly regular.

Ilford PANF 50 – I shot Ilford almost exclusively back in the day, yet to try this film.

Superia Venus 800 – Bought it after a few afternoon beers on a whim, might use it indoors on my next night out…

Nikon D90 – Workhorse, it’s been soaked twice during rainy season and lived through it. Know it like the back of my hand, will grudgingly upgrade it later in the year for something a bit more capable at high ISO’s

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Nikkor 20mm f/2.8

ND400 9 Stop ND filter.

Nikon wireless remote.

Lens cloth.

Yep, that’s it… Exciting stuff eh?

I have a website/gallery of my images here:

Fairly active on 500px:

Not so active on Flickr:

Tweet once in a blue moon on twitter but do read it a lot:!/removeyourshoes

Thanks all,


Thanks for sharing this bag Phil, it is nice to see the old Yashica right next to the modern Nikon. And all on a tatami mat too, brilliant.

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