In your bag number 115, Mat Marrash
Holy moly, what do we have here? That is right, a large format camera! Yay, I have been waiting for one of these to be featured for a long time. It is not often you see something like this in someones bag. So, lets see what we have got…

Hi there,

I’m Mat Marrash, a 26 year old analog photographer based out of Findlay, Ohio, USA. Though I’ll shoot whatever camera you hand me, my true passion is shooting big pieces of 8×10 film as often as possible. The process, from loading film, to setting up, shooting, unloading, processing, and printing by hand is a long, tiring process, but comes with the sense that what I’m creating, start to finish, is art. As an added bonus, lugging around 50+ lbs. of gear saves me from a monthly gym membership, which means more money for film! ^__^

Immediately to the right, you’ll see my main camera, an Eastman Commercial B 8×10 camera, with wide angle Fujinon W 210mm f/5.6, in the massive, spacious F.64 backpack. Aside from the wide angle lens, I carry around a super wide, Schneider Super Angulon 121mm f/8, wide-standard Fujinar 300mm f/4.5 barrel lens, and a Goerz 14″ Red Dot Artar f/9 as my go-to standard. These wide lenses on this big camera force me to get up close and personal with my subject, and it’s surprising just how having to stand beside the camera during capture, and not behind it, removes the barrier between photographer and subject. When documenting people in their own space, as opposed to the street, this can come in handy.

Other necessities include:

Black/Grey dark cloth (what everything is sitting on)
2x Fidelity Elite 8×10 film holders (only 4 shots)
Color Correction filters
Assorted cable releases, 90mm – 20″
Zone VI Viewing Filter
Minolta Flash Meter w/ 5 degree spot attachment
Schneider 4x Loupe
Journal for field notes + writing utensils
Business Cards

As hinted at, I like taking pictures of people and the places they occupy. At the moment, I’m chest deep in a project on documenting Barbershops, with several personal projects slowly coming together on the side. If that wasn’t enough, I also show up twice a month as a co-host on the internet radio show, The Film Photography Podcast. If you’re interested in getting into film photography, would like to learn new techniques when shooting film, read some reviews, or just need to load up on some film, check us out at:

You can find out more about me and my work at any of the following:

Main Site –
on Flickr –
on Twitter –
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on YouTube –

Thanks for looking!

-Mat M.

Wowowowow, thanks for all of that Mat. You certainly are busy. It is cool to see someone using the large format and making a project of it.
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