In your bag 854, Jonny Davenport
Jonny has a pretty cool bag for us today. He has many bags, but this is the one we get to see first. Come and check it out.

I recently came across your website after seeing a petapixel post profiling some other “In Your Bag” site… Reading through some of the comments from your loyal fan base turned me onto the original,

Such an awesome site! I am now a HUGE fan… Love what you’re doing, JCH has become a daily read for me.

My name is Jonny Davenport and photography is my life. It’s really all I know… I enrolled in a photo class to pass high school and discovered my life’s calling the moment i stepped in the darkroom. That was a long time ago… now I work a for a photography software company called onOne. We’re known for making plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom & Aperture simplifying advanced techniques. Even though I work for a ‘digital’ company, my heart is made of film. I don’t own a DSLR (but do have an older Phase back I use in the studio on my medium format film cameras!)

I have many bags of cameras but I thought I’d start with the one I’m currently rolling with…

bag2 (1)

It’s a small canvas Polaroid bag. I like to travel light. I’m over lugging big bags around loaded with all my gear.

The bag contents include:

Polaroid AF 660 loaded with Impossible 600 Black Frame (I’ve gaffed taped the Polaroid logo and Sharpie’d the gold 660 lettering)

Holdfast Camera Leash- Leather WristStrap

1 Pack Impossible 600 Black Frame

1 Pack Impossible 600 Silver Frame

1 Pack Impossible 600 Color

1 Empty box to keep prints in

Leica Minilux 35mm 40mm f/2.4 loaded with Tri-X

2 Kodak Portra 400 35mm rolls

1 Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm roll

1 Sharpie wrapped with Black Gaffe Tape (an old assistant of mine turned me onto this, this can be a life saver!)

1 Small Screwdriver (This thing comes in handy for all sorts of problems)

A mix of my ‘Poseur Postcards’ (self portrait postcards with contact details that I give out to people I photograph)


I love the Polaroid 660, they’re cheap and relatively easy to find. I have a bad habit of dropping my cameras which is why I now use the Holdfast Camera Leash. Holdfast is making the best camera strap/leash/systems on the planet!

I love instant film. I remember years ago before Polaroid collapsed, they had one of the best ad campaigns in response to the growing digital market: ‘Apparently Instant Isn’t Fast Enough…’

Nothing will ever replace the immediacy of an instant print. People are so stoked when you hand them a print you just made. I’m thankful for the people at The Impossible Project, doing the Impossible… And hope Kodak can keep their film division going. I’m also a big Ilford fan. HP5 and XP2 have been my B&W film of choice for years.

I shoot whatever catches my eye. I move on gut instinct. A bit street-style. A lot of self-portraits. I use the Polaroid & Impossible sparingly which is why I also pack the Leica point and shoot.

As I child I had a short attention span and would get easily flustered at the task at hand, my father would say, “Son, keep the focus…”

Little did I know how literal those words would mean to my life’s calling.
Thanks for the consideration! And keep up the inspiring work!!! Thanks Bellamy.

I can be found on social media @jonnydavenport
Or connect with me through my website:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jonny. It is very cool to see someone with so much passion for their work.
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