In your bag 337, Luis Liwanag
I have a great little mix up bag for you from the Philippines today. This time from a full time street photographer. Come and have a look at this jumble of stuff.

I am Luis Liwanag from the Philippines and I am a freelance photo/video Journalist….but a full time street photographer in my lifetime. I am very fond of sharing my life experience and shooting skills with everybody so I  hold street photography workshops every now and then.I find that i not only help others learn the dialectics of the street…but it also greatly enhances my learning and visual  journey by learning from  younger minds.

I am always amazed by your blog and very excited everytime I take a peep inside other photographer’s bags…I have decided to unpack my old archaic 80’s Domke bag, which is one of my favorite bags of all time .I use it as a street photography kind of package. I do have different configurations with other bags but it depends on what shoot I am planning for the day.

Whenever i go out as a street photographer, I try to just lug two small cameras on my neck, but I always end up being sorry if something else unfolds on my sojourns in the city. As a backup when leaving my DSLR at home, I bring my trusty  Leica M4-2  with a 35mm and a 50mm inside my bag… I find that film still has an edge over digital  when you want to capture depth and atmospheric images for wet printing inside the darkroom. A backup camera, the X100,which suffers from a sticky shutter syndrome since day 1 produces excellent quality raw images….comparable to my workhorse 5DMKII , so i bring it everytime…just to make sure I catch those breaking news events while iut shooting on the streets. Here is a glimpse of my bag’s content.

Bag: a circa 80’s Domke F2

Fujifilm X100

Leica M4-2 RF camera with 35mm voigtlander  classic and a 50mm Nokton plus rear and front caps.

A few rolls of Ilford Delta 400 and Neopan 400

Thinktank pixel rocket memory  card wallet

mobile android phone

Zoom H4N digital audio recorder

Press ID’s


pocket multitool

Film Puller

Mini Field Notebook and pen

Pocket First Aid Kit

Mosquito repellent sachets

Toothbrush and comb

Mini table tripod

Optech rainsleeves

Aquasorb  Towel

Extra gray shirt

A tube of Super Glue

Krama Cambodian scarf (the swiss knife of scarves)

Huawei broadband USB Stick

It’s not easy to bring a bag while walking because you tend to overstuff it but it’s better not to leave home without the essentials…the domke even doubles as a pillow because it hugs around your head or body ..

Plus lastly ,,,,I bring my shooting  sensibility.


Luis Liwanag

website (recovering from hack)


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Luis. Another awesome classic Domke bag. God, I love those.
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