In your bag No: 1241, Sarunyu Prutisart
Sarunyu is a student in London. Well, was a student in London, but is now one of the unemployed masses. Which means plenty of time to take these wonderful cameras out and shoot the real London, before it is all swept up by developers and investors try to hide their filthy lucre. Check it out.

Hi, my name is Sarunyu Prutisart but you can call me by my nickname “Oat”. A lot of people ask me how does ‘Oat’ link with my full name – it doesn’t, Thai parents always give random nicknames to their children which doesn’t correlate to their full name whatsoever, you can be called literally anything from “Pipe” to “Ball”.
I am from Bangkok, Thailand but have studied in the UK since I was 11 and have just recently graduated from a university in London which also means I am officially unemployed (but hey more time to go take photos in the meantime!)

I started getting into photography in September 2014 when I met up with my close friend after a while, he started talking to me about his new found interest in film photography and showed me his Pentax K1000. I didn’t take much interest in the camera at first but once I looked through the viewfinder, that moment triggered something in me, so much so that a couple of days after, I asked him to take me to a film camera shop in Bangkok.
Believe it or not, I started off with the Yashica 635, a medium format camera, let’s face it most people don’t start photography with a medium format film camera. The first roll of film I bought for it was the Portra 160 which I thought was so expensive and I had no idea it was actually a professional film but I just couldn’t wait any longer to start shooting so I bought it anyway as it was the only medium format film available in the shop.
The result was a mixture of shots that probably would look better on my smartphone. As I looked through all the shots (there’s only 12 so it didn’t take long), one of them stood out, everything about the picture was perfect (to me at least), if it wasn’t for that one shot, I probably would have given up photography, after that I realized this is my new found passion, from that moment on I want to strive to become a better photographer, capturing everything around me, especially on the streets and nearly a year later, I am still taking photos whenever I have time.
There’s no particular photographer I am inspired by, however, my inspiration stems from all photographers around me which keeps my passion alive and led me to do what I am doing. Till now, photography has always been my main hobby and I am yet to find a perspective in which I feel most confident about, however, as I tread along this photography journey, each moments are valued more preciously than ever before.

Sorry about the long brag, now what’s in my bag?

I have the ONA Brixton messenger bag in smoke colour which is a really nice bag for my cameras and various other things.

– Yashica 635: my first film camera still goes with me everywhere :)

– Leica M6 with Carl Zeiss Biogon f2.8/35: my latest acquisition, I’ve been shooting around 8 rolls with this camera and the results are fantastic, I love the rangefinder style of shooting! I found the kind of pictures I take with this camera is different to other cameras, from the moment of what I look for to the moment I press the shutter.

– Olympus OM1n with Zuiko f1.8/50: this is the second film camera I bought, it is a joy to use and the photos I get are always great! Another timeless beauty!

– Quick Chinese Learning book: I’ve just started to learn Mandarin by myself from scratch, whenever I have free time, I would learn some more words or phrases.

– Portable Charger: this Yoobao portable charger is the king of all portable chargers, I can recharge my smartphone fully twice! It packs a lot of juice which is great as sometimes I am outside shooting all day and need to keep my smartphone alive.

– Headphones: I always listen to music while on the go via public transport so this is essential!

– Films: I’m a big fan of Kodak Gold 200 as I think it is easy to control the colour and suits the kind of photos I take but I also want to try more films in the future. I’ve shot with Fujifilm Superia 400 and a few Ilford B&W films which are also a joy to use.

– Wallet: I tend to keep my wallet in my bag as it is a little too thick to be put in my trousers/jeans.

I don’t yet have my own website as I do not have time to create one yet and also I don’t have a large enough photo collection to display yet.

I usually upload my photos onto my Flickr and Instagram accounts.

Instagram: street_snap

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Oat. I do hope you get to stay and shoot more of London. I have read about Theresa May’s delightful proposals for foreign students.
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