In your bag 1087, Nadeem Karim
Todays bag is pretty sweet, a whole bunch of iconic cameras and an actual bag in the shot too. Check it out.

I am Nadeem, I am 26 years old and living in London.

This is my bag! I started with digital and quickly ditched everything for the beauty of film.
My profession is far from being artistic but it feeds my love for photography.

The cameras:

Canon AE-1:

I started with 35mm cameras but my love for SLR’s came with the beautiful Canon AE-1. I just can’t put this little beast down. It’s trusty and metallic.

After getting used to the beauty and convenience of 35mm I felt the need to get more out of my photography so I invested in a TLR [Yashica A] that I bought in Cape Town in South Africa. After coming back from South Africa to London I realised that there was a problem with the Yashica A. I continued to shoot with it although the focus was way out. I researched and spent a lot of time subconsciously looking for a new medium format camera as the latter one was evidently broken. In December 2012 I went to Japan and met a Flickr member named Stanley.
I sent an email to Stanley to see if he would not mind bringing his Hasselblad so I could try it. He did! We walked in Tokyo from Shinjuku to Shibuya and ended up in Yoyogi Park. I came back to London and all I could think about was Hasselblad but it was so expensive so I bought in the meantime a beautiful Yashica Mat 124G that I sold for a Pentacon Six TL that I also sold to a friend from Paris to in the end get the……..drum rolls…..HASSELBLAD!

Hasselblad 503cx:

I bought this second hand at Mr Cad in London, Victoria. It was in perfect condition and the only thing I had to buy after that was the Carl Zeiss CT* 80mm f2.8 that I bought on Ebay from Taiwan. The Hasselblad is everything I need. It is so light for what it is. The 6×6 format is just a killer format [hard] and pushes me to see things differently. The shutter is so good and feels like a shotgun (haha)

Polaroid Back:

I just couldn’t help myself but to try Polaroid and what can be better than trying it on a Hasselblad? Although the framing is very small on the Pola sheet it is still beautiful to get instant gratification from your Hassy.


This is the Sekonic L-308S which is perfect for my needs. It is pretty small and fits like a phone in a pocket. Although plastic and it feels like a toy it is quite good and pretty minimalistic which I love. It is the baby version of what I tried in Tokyo [Sekonic L-758D]

Mamiya 7:

Long after having the beautiful Hasselblad I started researching on the net about the famous Mamiya 7 as I was intrigued by the beauty of 6×7 format. I managed to find one on Ebay for a small amount of money (which was crazy now that I think about it :P) I then bought it but took me a few months to get to know how to work with it properly. I bought the Mamiya 80mm f4 separately from Japan as well.
This thing is a beast and so sharp I mean wow!!!!


The Bag:

F-Stop Millar Navy Blue edition is the bag I have. I did put up a fight to get that bag. It was completely discontinued in the whole UK and even Europe at the time. I looked everywhere on the web to try and find it and by surprise I found one available in Hong Kong. To cut a story short, I gave the money to my friend in HK so he could buy it and ship it to me…..FAIL….Royal Mail lost it for 2 months and sent it back to my friend in HK (how can they ship something that is lost?) Anyway I ended up buying the last one in Photographers Gallery in Central London in that colour which was a miracle! Haha

This bag is amazing because I had enough of putting two small Lowepro bags into my Eastpak backpack. Everytime I had to take either the Hasselblad or the Canon AE-1 it was a mission.
This is perfect as I no longer have to fight with opening bags inside bags due to the beautiful compartment inside. I recommend this to anyone who struggles like me. It is also beautifully made and the leather (?) is stunning, very retro and stylish. It is also surprising light even when you have the Hassy and the Mamiya 7 in there with films and whatnot.


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Kind regards,
Nadeem Karim

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Nadeem. Glad to hear you had a good time walking through Tokyo.
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