In your bag number 186, Alexandre Droual
Another Alex today, but this time from France. And this is a total Polaroid bag, with a classic land camera. Come and see what Alexandre keeps in his bag…


My name is Alexandre, I’m 25y/o and I’m from France and live close to Paris.
I am currently looking for a job, since I just finished my business studies. I am specialized in international business and fashion management.

I always loved photography, but I am really into it since 2009 and my first trip in China. I loved to travel and discover new places and people, so photography is a way for me to fix some memories.
Since a few month I started developing a growing passion for instant photography, maybe because of Mijonju, I started to buy instant camera and use it everywhere, everyday. I love this kind of photography and shooting with this kind of camera is simply a great experience ! But most of my photos are digital.
I had this bag since 5 years now, I did all my studies with it and today I am using it to hold my gear and work stuff, it is discret enough and it is like a “man purse” where I can put everything I need !

The stuff that are in my bag are :
– Nikon D7000, my latest gift to myself to replace my dear and trusty D5000. A really nice camera that offers me a lot of possibilities.

– Nikon 35mm 1.8 + 50mm 1.8G + Samyang 8mm 3.5 (fish eye). Not too many lenses, I’m mor into street photography, and a nifty 50 and 35mm are great for that use, the fish eye is more to do landscape, architecture and have a nice point of view in some occasion.

– Polaroid SX70 Model 2, great camera

– Polaroid Land Camera 250, well I have to say that it is my favorite one, love peel a part film !!

– Fuji FP3000b film, love those but I heard that they closed the production lines…

– PX Cool film, they are GREAT !

– An old PX cartdrige, that I use to hold the shot I took in my bag, like that they stay flat and or not damage in my bag.

– My Moleskine Notebook

– Sunglasses

– Blacberry

– And my straps are from Gordon camera straps, they made great leather straps, if some of you or looking for some.

I hope one day, I’ll be able to add a Leica in this bag, if I can find an analog one not too expensive !! But that’s another story.

here is my flickr gallery :
and my twitter : adroual

Fantastic to see a Polaroid 250 inside someones bag, they are brilliant cameras. Check out the links and make sure you comment, because it is great when you do.

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