In your bag No: 1632 – Juan Pablo Rivera

“Johnny M” hauls a diverse pack chock full of film and ready for any spontaneous moment.

Hello everyone

I’m Juan Pablo Rivera aka Johnny M and I’m 28 years old. I work at this small cell phone shop in NY where I fix mostly iPhones. I’ve been living in Yonkers, NY for about 3 years now and honestly I love it. I’m always out doing something with NYC so close by there is always something to do. 
I was born in Los Angeles to a father from Honduras and mother from El Salvador. Early on I moved out of California and grew up in Connecticut until i was in middle school. Once I knew I was moving from Connecticut to New York I bought my first disposable camera because I wanted to take pictures with my friends before I left and my  love for photography started there.
I didn’t have a serious camera until i decided to minor in photography in college and bought a Canon EOS Rebel S from my roommate. I learned so much with that camera but I actually had to sell that camera since I was couch surfing a bit after college.
Now I have about 10 cameras most film and some instant film. Even though I’ve always had cameras I was in a slump and didn’t do photography I took seriously for a few years. Until last summer a veteran wrestler named Bronco International from the Dominican Republic gave me a shot and let me shoot for his shows for the Bronx Wrestling Federation out in Soundview in the Bronx. That just jumpstarted my creativity again and now I can’t stop shooting. 
So here’s what’s in my bag since I’m out wandering about around in Los Angeles visiting my mom and friends, avoiding that NY winter for a bit, and hitting up bars and clubs and of course enjoying the greenery.
In My Bag:
-Nikon FM with 50MM 1.8 lense 
This camera I haven’t had too long but it’s basically the  35mm SLR I’ve been wanted for a while. The size is great, light meter works, and for me it’s got that classic look that just gets me. Right now it’s loaded with my first roll of Japan Camera Hunter 400 black and white film. 
-Kodak 935 Star- This point and shoot is clutch. The flash has to flip all the way up to take the photos so it doesn’t accidentally take photos in my pocket. It’s great for street photography, parties and even these wrestling shows. People love it at parties and it’s easy for other people to quickly use for whenever I want to be in the photo. It’s currently loaded with Rollei’s Red Bird Creative that has this red tint to it’s film. 
Polaroid Cool Cam- okay Im a sucker for the black and red combo. The pictures aren’t always perfect so only use it for important pictures with friends and family. 
Kodak Tmax3200
Rollei red bird creative 
Japan camera hunter 400
Kodak portra 400
Polaroid 600
Instax mini film
Other stuff in my bag
-Santa Muerte Tarot Deck
-Gram of Gorilla Glue and OG Sour 
Half the time I’m using black and white film when i shoot. I don’t know if I consider myself having a certain style since I’m so impulsive. Thank you all for reading my “In My Bag” and welcome you all to check out my photography on my instagram page @Johnnymphotos
Thanks for sending us your bag shot Johnny. Hope your first roll of Streetpan rocked!
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