In your bag No: 1219, Felix Endres
It is always nice to see a returnee to JCH. Felix comes back to us after a year away with a new bag and a new look. Some great cameras and a great attitude. Check it out.

Hey again!

My bag has changed a bit so I thought, I’d delight y’all with my lovely gear (before I was featured here:
I am very happy to say that I overcame my G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) and have found the perfect gear for all my photographic needs.
Gone is the Minolta Dynax 600si, the Dynax 7, my Nikon F3, a lot of other SLRs, all of my 35mm autofocus gear and so on. I’d rather put the money towards my little daughter ;-)

Still on top of my all time favourite cameras is my trusty Fuji GA645, since buying it in November 2013 I have put over a hundred rolls through it, so far it has never let me down qualitywise, it still has its technical quirks, though. I use it mainly for black and white film, don’t really care which. I have my favs but if it is black and white film, I’ll shoot it sooner or later. Now that the weather gets brighter I have decided to put the yellow filter back on, especially for landscape shots. I got rid of the hood, you really don’t need it and it just adds bulk.

Last year I bought my lovely Rolleicord III for a steal, I had to fix it up a little bit, make readjustments here and there and I fitted a Rick Oleson screen, the original one is way too dark. Complete with a Yashica yellow filter and an original metal F&H hood it takes great pictures. When I’m out shooting with it, I always take my little Gossen Digisix along. I wanted to include it in the shot but, shame on me, I couldn’t find it in the mess of my desk. Next time ;-)

The little Olympus mju II I also got for next to nothing, It lives in my trouser pocket. Everywhere I go and I’m wearing pants, it’s coming along. I use it to burn up my shrinking collection of old 35mm film. Nowadays I almost exclusively shoot medium format so I have a few old films remaining that I skipped when picture quality was important.

Everything or a selection of the cameras above are still being transported in my Fjäll Räven bum bag that my mum gave to me, sometimes I just put the Fuji in a big pocket in my cargo pants. Works, too.

I also still develop everything apart from E-6 myself, my favourite developers being Rodinal for my Agfa APX 100s, DD-X for T-Max films, D-76 for Ilfords and Caffenol for Orwos and everything really old.
I develop my remaining rolls of Orwocolor in C-41 at 30C°, that gives really great colors and every film turns out different.

You can catch a glimpse of my work over at flickr (, thanks for featuring me and have a great day!

Thanks for coming back to us, Felix. Love the current setup.
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