In your bag 852, Felix Endres
Felix has not only got a couple of cool cameras, but also a mad selection of old film. Shame he forgot the bag…

Hi, my name is Felix and I live in the wonderful city of Leipzig in Germany.
I love taking pictures on various types of film, mostly old, expired ones. I have quite the large stock of original Agfa APX 100 and various Agfachrome in my freezer / fridge, some Ektachrome, Ektacolor, Shanghai GP3 and various assorted ones that I often get when somebody is selling other films in bulk on ebay. I also have quite a stock of old ORWO films from the former East German Republic.
Mostly I’m shooting buildings and urban fragments, people are really not my speciality at all.
I’m quite often out shooting in the ruins of what once was the pride of the East German industry, former military barracks, production facilities, grain silos etc.
I also develop almost all of my film myself at home, except E-6, I only do black and white and C-41; I also love to cross process old slide films, mostly being shot with my trusty Fuji 645. Most recently I’ve picked up learning to develop films using Coffee, a concoction called Caffenol wich can be mixed using things you can get almost everywhere in the world (Instant coffee, washing soda and vitamin C), I use it to develop films where I’m not sure about dev times or when a film is very old because Caffenol (with added KBr, Potassium bromide) reduces fog and you can develop almost anything with it.

I’v tried a lot of gear over the years, now though I mostly keep this in my bag:

– The bag: a crumpler light delight 300 (not pictured, sorry, couldn’t get it in the frame)
– Minolta Dynax 600si with VC-507/600 grip and AF 50mm 1.7, added medium yellow filter for shooting black and white
– My beloved Fuji GA 645 with protective UV Haze filter and (not always) Nikon NH-3 shade
– 35mm films, whatever I have left, the Rollei Retro 100 is the same as the original Agfa APX 100, the rest depending on light and gusto
– 120 films, also whatever I have. Sometimes slide films to be cross processed, sometimes color negative, sometimes b/w, all kept in the protective Fujifilm case for when they’re not in a box any more. For exposed films I use the boxes for individual rolls of film. Btw, the Orwocolor negative film used to have its own low temperature dev process, you can develop them in C-41 but very often the emulsion is dissolved by the high temperatures and the film is completely destroyed. When you take it to a lab you can ruin their batch of chemicals! Even at home it’s a gamble. I’ll develop it in Caffenol as a black and white film. Did the same thing with a Orwochrom slide film which also had its own special process.
– medium yellow filter for the Fuji for when I want to shoot b/w

The variation of the bag is for when I’m riding around town on my bike, I just take the Fuji and some films and put them in a Fjell Raven bum bag that my mum gave to me.

If you want to see some of my work, here’s my flickr:


Pretty cool stuff there Felix, next time try to get the bag in the shot too.
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