In your bag No: 1477 – Ed Worthington
I have been off gallivanting around asia for a few days and have not been able to bring you any new bags, but now I am back and that is changing. Ed joins us today with his daily bag, check it out.

My name is Ed Worthington, although online I go by the pseudonym “The 6 Million P Man”, due to the fact I broke my jaw years ago and was rebuilt for much less than the 6 Million Dollar Man. I live in Cardiff, Wales in the UK and as a day job work for a Financial Services company, although that’s mainly just to pay for cameras and film.

Other than photography I also like motorsports, history and watching an unhealthy amount of classic cartoons like The Simpsons, give me a line or two from pretty much any episode and I can recite the next one back. Oh and I’ve also been learning to speak Italian.
Anyway this is the bag I take with me most days on the train to work as I like to shoot a little street whenever I get a few spare minutes out of the office.

Clockwise from top left:

Not really a camera bag but it is small and light and can easily fit all I need inside, just about. Also I bought this when I was in Firenze last year and I just really like the look of it, the logo on there in case you’re wondering is for the football club based in Firenze, Fiorentina.

Olympus OM-D EM5 with Panasonic Leica Summilux 25mm lens. This combination of kit is responsible for a lot of the images I make. The EM-5 is light and not as noticeable as a DSLR, good for being inconspicuous,  and although the 25mm (full frame equivalent of 50mm) lens adds a noticeable “nose” to the camera that sticks out, the quality it is capable of means I don’t mind about its size. The camera is red as I attached a custom leatherette covering, it goes with the red and black wrist-strap.

17mm M.Zuiko lens. The secondary lens I carry around with me mainly due to it’s very small size and that it gives a little bit more of a wide angle if I need it (it’s full frame equivalent to 34mm). Not quite as sharp as the 25mm but then again it didn’t cost as much either, and is performs perfectly fine.

Olympus OM-1. My favourite film SLR that I own, the vast majority of film images that are taken by me are with this, I tend to leave the 50mm F.Zuiko lens on it as that’s my favoured focal length for street photography (and it’s a great piece of glass) although I do have a 28mm Vivitar lens and 135mm F.Zuiko as well (not pictured). The body is in great condition for its age, the blue leatherette covering is, as with the EM-5, custom, and the strap is a beautiful smelling brown leather one, seriously I’m obsessed with the smell of the strap it’s so good.

Ilford FP4 125 & Fomapan Classic 100. If I had a choice, and all the money in the world, I would shoot Ilford FP4 exclusively for all black and white images, unfortunately I don’t have either of those things and so although I like to treat myself to a roll of it now and then I tend to use Fomapan a lot more. There’s nothing wrong with Fomapan, as for the price of it it’s hard to beat, especially when you have as much bulk stock of it in the fridge like I do.

Wallet. Says it all doesn’t it? Can’t go out all day without any money, especially if you plan to sit down with a coffee and watch as interesting people walk by, merrily snapping away at them with your camera.

Rail Pass. A recent addition since my work moved offices to the centre of the city, I can shoot on my lunch breaks but also on weekends as I’ve already paid for it the travel.

Phone. Need to be contactable.

Lens cleaning cloth. Again, does what it says on the tin.

Book. Just the book I happen to be reading at the moment but also since I’ve started taking the train everyday I’ve found a lot more time to just sit and read, besides you can’t always have the camera viewfinder glued to your face.

Notebook and Pen. For jotting down film, exposures, aperture, shutter speeds etc etc, all useful when you’ve had 10 rolls back from the lab and you need to decipher what was shot when and how, although I’ll admit I am not as good at keeping this updated as I aimed to be when I first started out with it.

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Ed Worthington

The 6 Million P Man

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Ed. I love that classic rail pass.

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