In your bag number 133, Jake Kenny
Happy Golden week my lovely camera people. Todays bag is a compact camera lovers dream, it is absolutely packed to the gills with lovely compact cameras. So come and see what Jake keeps in his bag.

I’d been shooting digital since i’d got into photography after spending 2 years in Japan where i’d slowly progressed from a small point and shoot up to a DSLR, but I’d got a little jaded by the predictability of it and I found that I got much more pleasure from my photography when shooting film.

At the start of this year i decided to sell my DSLR and spend the year shooting film, working through my camera collection, in a bid to narrow it down to my ultimate camera bag. To add a bit of structure to it i’ve been shooting a roll through a different camera each week, but in reality some weeks i do more which is why I tend to carry a few cameras with me in case the mood takes me. It’s hopefully going to be a year long project so i’ll be buying the odd camera from ebay and charity shops as they catch my eye.

The photo is the kit that I had with me last week…

Lowepro Terraclime 100 – a cheap Lowepro bag that doesn’t look too much like a camera bag, it comes with a padded pouch but I use some internal dividers that I picked up in Japan.

Voigtlander Bessa R4 + Color Skopar 21mm f4 – a recent purchase (soon to be fitted with an A&A strap from JCH) as i thought i really ought to try a decent rangefinder as my main camera. The R4 has a built in 21mm viewfinder which makes it great for wide angle street photography.

Ricoh GR1v – I have ended up taking this camera with me everywhere since getting it as it’s small enough to just slide into your pocket. More importantly it’s got a brilliant lens, decent viewfinder and aperture selection so you have a lot of control over your shots, and a preset focus mode for candid street photography.
Olympus Mju III wide – i’m a big fan of the mju i and ii and so when I saw this and it’s 28mm zoom lens i thought it was worth a go.

Fuji Tiara II – another 28mm compact, i’ve not put a roll through this one yet so it’s in my bag ready to use.

Agfa Optima 1535 – you’ll not find a compact with a bigger brighter viewfinder than this series of Agfa cameras. It’s big, it’s chunky but it’s got some great features and is well made (it’s like a camera equivalent of a 80s BMW)

Fuji film holder – another purchase from my time in Japan. I love cross processing sensia 400 but it’s impossible to find now, but i bought a decent stock of 200 and 100 when they announced it wasbeing discontinued so that should keep me going for a while. Then I have a few rolls of B&W film – as much as I love ilford HP5 i’m massively impatient and so I opt for XP2 so I can get it developed in an hour with my colour films rather than sending it away (or develope at home which wouldn’t go down well!)

Pen and paper – a great way to kill time or scribble down ideas.

So that’s the bag, if you’re interested in any of the cameras and how they come out then I have mini reviews and sample shots on my tumblr –
and my flickr is –


Thanks for sharing your bag Jake, it is great and I love the range of cameras you have in there, how on earth do you shoot them all? Check out Jake’s pages and get your Camera Karma on by commenting.

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