In your bag 256, Omer Mohammed
A very nice multifunctional bag for you all today. And it is all the way from Qatar too! Not often we get backs from the middle east. Come and have a look at this great bag.

My name is Omer Mohammad, I’m a 22 year old photographer/filmmaker based in Doha, Qatar, but hail from Canada/Pakistan, and have studied in Chicago for half a year, which leads me back to the city every now and then. I am currently unemployed (I just finished my undergraduate studies), but I am actively seeking a job in the creative industry as a photographer, or anything else that comes my way.

This is my kit:

Bag – A.P.C. bag I got on sale at Penelope’s in Chicago. Someone complimented me on this once, saying they really liked my “Billingham”, which only adds to my love for this bag and it’s styling. There is a Domke 720-250D insert inside.

Film – I haven’t experimented with film as much as I would’ve like to. I usually shoot on Kodak 400/Fuji Superia 400 from convenience stores. I have recently started buying better film though. Some of the canisters have Ilford HP5 400 color, Fuji Pro 400, Kodak Ektar 100 and some expired Fuji Neopan 400. The wicker box behind the canisters is what I hold my already-shot-on rolls in. It looks cool.

Voigtlander Bessa R3A with Lietz Summicron-C 40mm/2 – This camera was gifted to me after a friend and I teamed up to buy it off eBay. It was a bargain, since the lens and the body came together for a great price. This is one of my favorite cameras, and allows me to really appreciate the science that goes into making one of these. Even the sounds that it makes are perfectly calibrated to taking pictures.

Praktica LTL3 with Helios 44M 58mm/2 – I bought this camera in February and decided to shoot without a battery, since I couldn’t find a battery that fit. It has proved to be a great experience, not only allowing me to get better at gauging lighting with just my eyes, but also allowing me to let things happen and not worry too much about technical details. The lens is new. I also have a 50mm, 35mm and a 135mm for this.

Nikon N2020 with Nikkor 50mm/1.8 – This was my first camera and started everything out for me. It still feels the most natural in my hands.

Canon SureShot Owl – I saw this in a thrift store in Quebec and I had to buy it. It came out to $2.99, so I went for it. I took it to a concert, on breakfasts and dinners. Its a light, easy camera to use, and, again, lets you think about the moment rather than worrying about the technical details that can slow you down. I have yet to see the pictures from this though.

Thanks for reading, and checking out my bag!

Omer Mohammad

Thanks for sharing your great bag with us Omer. It has been a long time since I have seen an Owl, what a fun little addition to the bag.
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