In your bag No: 1242, DoubleWhirler
The husband and wife team, DoubleWhirler have been on the site before, in fact they were bag no 500, which is pretty cool. So it is nice to see them back and with a different outlook. Check it out.

Bellamy, we (husband and wife) are avid daily followers of your blog—for its technical information, the great reviews of e-zines and magazines, and for the chance to see the work of other photographers and to be inspired by them. We were featured earlier as Bag 500, albeit without a bag, and a distinctly minimalist look. My wife has remained true to minimalism, while I have strayed from the path. We are, however, still in New York and have a blog which shows our work.

My walking around bag is a Domke J803 – tough as nails and very discrete. We err on the side of simple and portable. I use the Ricoh GRD4 plus viewfinder (28mm), Leica M9 with a Zeiss 35mm lens and an Olympus OM1N with 50mm lens. The Olympus is a charity shop find ( and after removing the foam from the prism and replacing the light seals, it works like a charm. I shoot it manually as the batteries are no longer available. I also carry a Sekonic L-308S light meter, but the” sunny F16 rule” usually wins the day. The film choices are Kodak Porta (ISO 400) and Ilford XP2 (ISO 400) as both can be developed and scanned in a couple of hours at our local photo shop.

My wife on the other hand streamlines her gear to the extreme, travelling and shooting only with her iPhone 5 which also works best at around 35mm. For now she’s swearing off traditional cameras, drawing a line in our photographic sand. Her preferred editing app is Snapseed, musing about it on the blog, “Dear Diary” ( ) and the iPhone goes in a pocket as often as in a bag. We are united in our preference for the wide angle end of the photographic spectrum.

Our two approaches have cemented into the lines of traditional v. iPhonegraphy to the point that we’ve shaped our blog around our double vision. Our work focuses on street photography and travel. Through work, we travel a lot – to the sadder corners of the world like Mali, but we also get to some wonderful places like New Zealand. My wife’s photography is observational with strong composition – a holdover from her graphic design background. She tries to post to Instagram everyday for discipline and to keep loose and experimental. My work is opportunistic and I like to find an interesting background and wait to see who walks into the frame. For both of us, New York is a happy hunting ground.

Our work under the name Doublewhirler is available at and you can visit our Instagram feed:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, DoubleWhirler. It is cool to see you back after such a long time.
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