In your bag 1093, Manuel Falcão Malzbender
Not only does Manuel have a cool name, but he has a cool bag too. And this one gets the photographer dads seal of approval. A shared father and son bag. Check it out.

My name is Manuel, I am a photographer from Lisbon, Portugal. I love your nerdy and passionate (I guess those words actually mean the same) site.
I started taking pictures when I was 14, and although I’m not a professional photographer, I almost always carry a camera. I like to shoot people, but in a good way

This is the gear I use the most:

Nikon FM with Voigtländer Ultron 40mm f/2 SL II
Nikon F2AS with Voigtländer Nokton 58mm f/1.4 SL II
Billingham Hadley Small
Adox CHS 100 II
Adox Silvermax 100

After having used a Nikon FM2 for many years, I discovered its predecessor – which I prefer to the newer version, since the FM is an even simpler and more rugged camera. The Nikon F2AS feels like an older camera in my hands, but was actually produced during the same period, released only slightly earlier. It’s heavier, clunkier and makes me slow down a bit, which I like.
I am a big fan of Voigtländer lenses. Having used both Leica and Zeiss lenses, their rich cousins if you will, I can really see no diffence in terms of quality. They are extremely well made, and optically beautiful. 40mm may be my favourite focal length (I find it very versatile and its optical characteristics are very “discreet”), and I use the 58mm mostly for portraits.
Adox films are my favourite, especially CHS 100, developed in HC 110. I also like Silvermax. They have wonderful tones and look both nostalgic and at the same time very modern to me.

I also have a digital camera (a Nikon D700), but it doesn’t fit into the Billingham bag with all the other gear I have shown here… And that’s why I like it, it forces me to decide what I’m taking with me. Which reminds me of a film camera, since you can’t shoot everything with it, and not all the time – and why should you?

In my bag I usually carry a book and / or a notebook. Reading, writing and taking pictures are related activities, in my opinion, in that they demand – and create – attention and empathy.

Oh, I forgot: The cute little camera in the upper right corner is my son’s. It never fails him. I truly hope it won’t be his last…
Thank you for your time, greetings to all film users.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Manuel. It is really cool to see your son following your passion.
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