In your bag 750, Lasse Lykke
A super simple Scandinavian bag for you all today. As I knew you were all craving one. Lasse has a cool name and a cool bag. Come and check it out.

After I have been following the page in just under a year, it’s probably about time I show my own bag up.

My name is Lasse and lives in Denmark in the southern part of Scandinavia.
I’m a trainee as a sales assistant with specializing in photo. So photography and gear are quite close in my life. I have a DSLR with associated lenses and light set-up, but the bag I will show you, is the bag I use in my daily life, which is purely SLR.

As seen in the picture, I am very minimalist, only the most necessary.

Billingham Handly Pro – Black edition
Olympus OM10 w. Cam-in leather strap.
50mm f/1.8
35mm f/2.8
Lens Pen Kit (Pen and cloth)
Film picker
My little black note book and a pen.
Film – I just shoot with film there can be process in C-41. So my prime film is Ilford XP-2 and Kodak BW400.
Filter holder to my ND and POL filters.
My little medicine bag.
A tube of moisturizing cream.
A bottle of water
And of course my iPhone.

Feel free to take a look at my homepage or follow my twitter

Lasse Lykke

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Lasse. That is the second film picker in a week. Good stuff.
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