In your bag No: 1243, Kent Chamness
Now then, I have been rather strict lately about featuring bags and not collections. But, Kent’s eclectic mix of gear just cannot really be ignored. So I simply have to share it. And for some reason the picture appeals to me. Check it out.

Hi Bellamy- HUGE fan of the site. I dig the in your bag because I get to check out photographers I would otherwise never had heard of. I also really dig Jesse’s book reviews- he goes way in depth to provide some great history- stuff you couldn’t just pick up in a bookstore.

Please let me preface my bag submission by saying that I do not take all of these cameras out at one time, but rather pick up a camera that suits my needs for that day. I’m fortunate enough to have collected the following cameras, and I use them all interchangeably:

– Mamiya 7ii with 80 and 50mm lenses. A great camera, clinically sharp lenses.
– Leica M6 with 50mm Summicron. One can never go wrong with this setup. A great, great camera.
– Nikon F3 HP with Nikon 50mm 1.8. tough as nails, and gives superb results- nearly identical to my M6 in output, but using it is a completely different experience.
– Minolta XD-11 with Rokkor 50 1.4, 28 2.8, and 135 3.5- The camera I learned photography on. Such a fun camera to use, and those Rokkor lenses are in my opinion the best manual focusing SLR lenses ever made.
– Sony A7ii with FE 55 1.8. As I get older, I slide more and more towards digital. I love this camera because with adapters, I can use my Minolta and Leica lenses. A fun digital camera to use, with great output.
– Herschel Backpack- tough, light, great padding. Holds my laptop and 2-3 cameras with no problem. I am starting to get into Bikepacking, and this pack will definitely come in handy!
– Caden padded insert- cheapie I bought off of Amazon- turns any bag into a camera bag. Totally worth the $12 I spent on it.
– Joby Gorilla Pod- Much more stable than I thought it would be.
– Lee Big Stopper- Lately I have become a huge fan of long exposure photography, and the Lee Stopper is an amazing asset.
– Ilford Films- Definitely my favorite black and whites to shoot. I process my own B&W using Ilfosol 3, and hope to begin using alternative processing and shooting in the near future.

I used to shoot corporate and weddings for a living, but have taken a break in order to strengthen my technique and find my signature (that and the fact that I love my career in Biotech). It will be a life long journey, I’m sure, but it is definitely worth while. Missing from this shot is my iPhone 5c, which took the photo. Although I am based in San Diego, CA, the thing that drives me in life is packing up my car, and heading out on the road to find adventure and new things to shoot. People can check out my work at and .

As mentioned above, the older I get, the more I am drawn to digital, and will most likely be unloading a bunch of this gear in the near future. I will always shoot film, but will be narrowing down my collection.
Thanks for having such a great site, and helping to connect photographers worldwide- Much respect!


Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Kent. I would be interested to hear what film camera you end up keeping.
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