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I like this feature and I know it takes a lot for people to share their work online, so I really appreciate all of the support this has received so far. This time Jeff shares with us his 8×10 portraits. Come and check them out.

According to Jeff:

“I value an artisan approach when working in the medium of photography. Taking my time, putting my heart and soul into my imagery. The darkroom also being an important tool provides me the ability to create a print that will last for several generations. And of course, knowing my work is well received by collectors brings me a sense of joy and accomplishment.”

Jeff currently resides in Colorado Springs where he continues his love of photography.

This project, is called “Magnify.” 25 Portraits, shot using an old 1904 8×10 view camera. These digital copies are direct from the contact prints.

Magnify Pages3

About the project:

The collection is about the process and the faces/portraits of a variety of people, all men.
The amount of detail the 8×10 inch negative provides is astounding. Shooting sheet film of this size takes time and patience.
Nothing can be rushed, as mistakes can ruin the single shot captured. I allowed myself one box of Ilford FP4, 25 sheets and very carefully captured each person. Allowing each person to be unposed and show a sense of their character.

Magnify Pages

Magnify Pages7

Each negative developed one-by-one, in complete darkness using trays. Kodak HC-110 was my developer of choice, however on two of the images I had used a custom hand-made developer that I created. You may notice that one of the images is spotted with dust. This is due to one mistake that I made early in the process; I forgot to stop the lens down. The problem meant I had to pull my development by 4-4.5 stops!
Creating low contrast and amplifying the dust. So you can see that one mistake can cause some serious drawbacks.

Magnify Pages18

I hope that the viewer becomes more aware of the process of shooting large sheet film and the steps involved…  Also, the uniqueness of each individual and all of the beautiful differences we all share.

Magnify Pages22

Magnify Pages17

Magnify Pages25

Jeff Cloutier

twitter: jeffcloutier
instagram: jeffcloutierphoto

Thanks for sharing your work with us Jeff. Very interesting, keep it up.

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