Get Featured: Luca Ellena
I am running really behind on the features, but I am doing my best to get them all up. Today we have Luca’s project Silence and Happiness, a sort of personal diary.

Silence and Happiness

I shoot film on a regular basis since winter 2016. This is my second project with film photos only, and the first one shot on b&w film. I absolutely love the look of it as well as the process to get to the result (I develop and scan the negatives myself). For this project I use Ilford XP2 film in combination with my lovely Olympus OM2n, a standard 50mm lens and a red filter.

Silence and Happiness is some sort of personal diary. The photos were all taken during everyday moments – on walks with my girlfriend. You could say that the project is a tribute to my girlfriend. The images seem to be very dark and gloomy, however they stand for moments when I was very happy and confident with my life. 

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