In your bag 798, Bertram Eiche
Todays bag comes to you from the streets of Beijing. How awesome is that? We are very nearly at 800, but this bag should not be looked over, it is a cracker.

Hi, my name is Bertram Eiche.
I’m an artist, writing and strolling thru Beijing.

Here’s my 24/7 bag:

The camera is a Phonix 205 rangfinder. I bought it for around 10$. It’s reliable and not that bad. The leather trim got loose, so I replaced it with this wonderful sticker (from Mr. Buy and friends).

At the moment I use the Fuji Superia 200 because I could buy it (20 rolls) for very cheap.

The Lightmeter is an old Gossen Pilot. Still works surprisingly well. Even though I carry it around I mostly use the sunny 16 rule.

For better focus on the visual aspect of my strollings I use this comfy Sony headphone connected to a Buddha machine (a real one from Tibet with looping Monk chants).

When I’m tired from walking thru Beijing or wherever I am, I will have a nice coffee and cigarette in a cosy cafe.

The equipment will be then placed in my cute little “cool dog friends” bag.

With me is also and always a tiny memo scratchpad, a pencil, a swiss army knife (you never know), cigarettes and a zippo.

Here’s my tumblr:

At the moment I think about shooting in B/W and develop it myself…….maybe.

Thanks for sharing your bag and funky camera, Bertram. I hope you get into the developing thing, it is a lot of fun.
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