In your bag 1108, Brett Price
I am on vacation at the minute, so the posts might be a bit sporadic, based on my internets. But I have managed to find some time between sipping cocktails and getting back rubs to post this awesomely bokehlicious setup. Check it out.

My name is Brett Wayne Price, I’m 28 years old and live in Nashville Tn. I started with photography while in school studying filmmaking and it quickly became an obsession of mine due to how similar some of the aspects of it are with cinema. I started shooting with film and taught myself how to develop/print my own film in the school’s “ghost-town” darkroom which I pretty much had to myself.

I shoot primarily portraits, people or anything that has human influence (i.e. landscapes that share some sort of mixture between man & nature) and for the most part is just a hobby/obsession of mine while I work on films.
I develop all my own B&W and some color in a Darkroom I have built out of my bathroom. When I can I do a bit of printing also, although the space isn’t great for it. I love the process of shooting film, and try to take it from beginning to end whenever I can. Its a fantastic medium that I hope finds its place in the emerging digital age. I don’t think the world would be the same without it!

Over the years of buying and trading I’ve sort of concentrated down to what I most like to shoot and carry, which is what I’m showing here:


-My main carry bag is the Filson Magnum Messenger and it is by far my all time favorite camera bag that I’ve ever used (and I’ve owned a ton of them, I’m also a bit of a bag whore). It is extremely well made and inconspicuous, very lightweight and exceptionally water resistant. The outer pockets are the perfect size for carrying film, or even fitting a whole camera in if needed.
I can get my Leica in one of the front pockets albeit its a little hard to close when I tried that. The side pockets are perfect size for a Sekonic light meter and I use side that isn’t holding the meter as film dump when I’m done shooting a roll. All of this stuff pictured fits comfortably in the bag and could probably hold a bit more if needed.


-Leica MP (0.72) Chrome & Summilux 50 ASPH (Also carry a Summilux 35 ASPH v1 which took this picture)

-Hasselblad Xpan & 45mm f4. Which is probably one of my favorite cameras to shoot because of the panoramic/anamorphic-like aspect ratio it shoots, its the closest thing to shooting an actual movie frame in a still camera.

-Rolleiflex FX-N. Easily my favorite camera out of the bunch. It was a gift from my Wife on our wedding day and was specially ordered for me. I’ll be its only owner and one day I’ll pass it on through generations. It holds a great deal of sentimental value for me. Its also probably IMO the most perfect medium format carry camera available. Fast lens, leaf shutter, close focus abilities, light/compact, excellent optics, fast focusing. Everything I would ever need.

-Sekonic L-508. What can I say, the best meter I’ve used. I love the built in spot meter although I seldom use it. Its just nice to have.

-Films: Kodak Portra, Ilford HP5, lots of 35mm in the bulk load tins, its not the most idea way to carry film because it doesn’t fit perfectly but it works alright.

-Notebad and some Pens, misc cleaning items.


The back of the Filson Messenger also has a mesh pocket for papers and maps which is extremely useful as well as a few pen pockets and a place to put your phone. Very convenient and another reason I love the bag.

I post a lot to my Instagram:

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and I have a website here:

Thanks Japan Camera Hunter! Love your site and hope you enjoyed my setup.
Brett Wayne Price

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Brett. That is a really stunning setup.
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