Shit Leica fanboys say
Eric Kim and I watched this video by Kai and the guys at DigitalRev and it gave us a good laugh, so we decided to knock up our own list. Check it out.

Ahhh, Leica fanboys. I am one of them, and loads of people I know are, there is nothing wrong with that. But we should never take ourselves too seriously. Sometimes it is good to step back and have a bit of fun. Especially about camera wankery. So here is the ‘Shit Leica Fanboys Say’ list.

1. You only hate it because you can’t afford it

2. The red dot stands for quality (tapes over the red dot)

3. (For the M9) Well, it is not about the sensor, it is about the lenses

4. You don’t buy a system, you buy a lifestyle

5. All of the greats used Leica

6. Oh, is that a Voigtlander? Yeah, they are OK I guess *sneers*

7. No, your Zeiss is not as sharp as my Summicron

8. Leica is the pinnacle of quality in cameras

9. There is no substitute for good glass

10. Oh yours was made in Solms? Mine was made in Wetzlar *smug*

11. Well, Ken Rockwell gave this one a better review

12. Yeah, there were only 200 made of this one

13. Use it? Are you insane?

14. I would never use a digital Leica

15. You only shoot a film Leica because you cannot afford a digital Leica

16. Leica still make film cameras?

17. Yeah, it’s a Leica *smug smile*

18. No, this is not a lomo

19. Feel, that, go on feel how smooth that advance is. Right?

20. Oh my god, look how bright that viewfinder is

21. Well, Canada was a low point, but I guess you have to make do

22. OMG, have you seen the bokehzzz on my Noctilux, is is soooooo creamy

23. I had to get the sandpaper out to get the brassing just right

24. I know it is a lot, but the Black and white only sensor has film like tones

25. Oh is that a Luigi? Yeah, me too, the caramel leather is to die for

26. Yeah, this is a A La Carte, I wanted it to match my Porsche

Got some more? Then why don’t you add to the list in the comments below.