In your bag 510, Tobias Grice
A lovely simple black and white bag shot for you on Mothering Sunday. Check it out, and then go and take some pics of your mum and give her a hug (if you are able). Have a great day.

I thought I’d submit a photo for your In Your Bag section.

So a little run through, my name is Tobias and I’m a BFA student currently studying in Washington, US, on exchange from the University of Tasmania, Australia, for the year.

So getting on to my bag; A U.S made Domke F2, which my girlfriend bought me, I absolutely love it. I fitted it with a shoulder pad and this changed it from being a great bag to something beyond, feeling totally effortless to carry!

This is what I carry every day; I use it for school stuffing note books in the back pocket as well as anything else I need to carry[ lunch, stationary, etc.] in the sides, but enough of that. Equipment wise, I shoot so-called-street-photography on 35mm and 120 film for more ‘assignment’ based work or when I want the option to print larger.

In my bag:

– Ricoh GRDII [not pictured as it was used to take these photographs]

– Leica M4, W/ collapsable 50mm F2.8 Elmar.

– Sekonic l-308 Flashmate.

– Hasselblad 500C/M, W/ 80mm F2.8 T*.

– National PE-3057 Flash.

– Lens cloth

MONA pen

– Kodak Ektar 100 [ 120 Film]

– Kodak T-Max 100 [ 35mm Film]

I post most of my work on my Tumblr site[], feel free to follow me, hopefully with a website and a few self published books to come in the near future.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Tobias, a lovely setup you have there. The flash is epic, what a whopper.
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