In your bag 405, Ashley Prigmore
This bag is cool, and not just because of the simple layout, but because of the cameras contained within. Come and have a look at this awesome bag.

My name’s Ashley, I’m a 23 year old student in Manchester, England.

I’ve been shooting film for around 8 months now. It’s become a real passion of mine and I’ve grown to prefer it for certain types of shooting over my digital camera. I got into film photography just through browsing groups on flickR, I liked the colours, tones and grain produced in film and so bought myself a Canon EOS 33. Since then I’ve been reading up and educating myself on film photography. Living in Manchester provides me with a large amount of photo opportunities, and I try to get out for a few hours a day to shoot as part of a long term street project I’m working on. Being a student also means I don’t have a lot of money, but I regulalry search eBay, local camera shops and forums just to see if any bargains pop up.

Although I don’t take all of my film camera’s out at the same time, each one has it’s own use, and fits each use perfectly. Included in the shot is:

– My Canon EOS 33 accompanied by 28mm and 50mm primes.
– A canon AF35-ML which has a built in 40mm f1.9 lens, and cost me just £5! It’s something I can take everywhere and not worry about damage etc.
– A kodak brownie. This was my fathers camera from the 70’s! I’ve not had a chance to run a film through it yet, but after he found it in the attic, I’m itching to experiment with it.
– my iPhone 4. I used to use this soley as a music player and for notes whilst out shooting, but recently I’ve began using the camera a lot more.
– my Ricoh GR1v; this is my favourite camera – it’s such a great size and weight, and has a built in 28mm f2.8 lens which is my favourite focal length.
– Film: you always need film! I shoot most of my film at around ISO-1600, and I’ve found the ones pictured to be great at high ISO. In my freezer, I’ve also got a tonne of Neopan 400, Velvia, provia, sensia, superia and HP5+ (not pictured)
– Spare battery, always carry spares, just in case!
– LensPen. This is one of the best accessories I’ve got, very cheap from amazon but very handy for keeping your gear clean.

My flickr:

Thanks, Ash.

No way, a Kodak Brownie! I have not seen one of those for ages! Great to see one in your bag Ashley. Keep up the good work.
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