In your bag No: 1431, Dank Spangle
Dank Spangle (best name ever IMO) has been on the site before. And now Dank is back. This time he might have been a bit overly ambitious in the packing of his bag for a trip through the woods. A totally loaded bag of goodies. Check it out.

I went for a walk in the woods today and ended up taking an ambitious bag full.

I had a couple of trees in mind for 360 degree tunnels (1DS Mark III, memory cards, spare battery, remote) and a view I wanted to get on film (Bronica SQ-A, spare film, lens hood). The Ricoh GR was on light meter duty.

Because it’s summer and I’m in the UK I had a coat in there as well.

It all went in a Domke F1 X with a bit of room to spare. I had a couple of peperami (peperamis?) and a bottle of water in one of the side pockets, but they got consumed.

Since I was taking panoramas, I also had to carry a substantial tripod with a Nodal Ninja head on it.

Ambitious, but achievable. I walked a couple of miles with no ill effect. That said, I wouldn’t want to carry this sort of load in this bag without the padding on the strap (it’s from a Timbuk2 messenger bag).

I took 135 shots with the Canon (5 panoramas) and 3 with the Bronica.

You can see some of my panoramas here:

The pics from the Bronica will be in my Flickr photostream when I get them back from the lab (if they are any good):

I’ve written articles about the Bronica, photostitching and other stuff here:


Thanks for coming back to us, Dank. I do hope your shoulder survived.

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