In your bag No: 1481, Thomas Perry
We have a lovely bag for you today. Tom has a couple of stunning cameras, and a very cool Olympus bag. Check out Tom’s awesome bag.

My name is Tom Perry, and I’m a semi-pro photographer from Beckenham. I’ve done all kinds of photography related jobs. Studio assistant, wedding and events photographer, live music, sales… I even had a camera stall briefly, but make my living as a library assistant.
If I shoot with digital, I go to my 6D; that’s for work stuff. It isn’t a camera I carry around for fun! My house resembles a vintage camera shop, and I covet, buy and hoard lenses and cameras like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t shoot them as much as I should, which is I suppose one of those photography truisms – you can collect or shoot, but you can’t do both at the same time. I’m determined to make this year a shooting year; I’ve got all the gear I need now.

The picture shows a shooting kit that I’m using for fun today. The Chinon CE-4s shorn of accessory winder that just failed today, the Olympus RC ready to go with slinky chain that I harvested from a dead body… I should rephrase that, it came from a Chinon m42 body that was no longer working.
I’ve got four rolls of film, and the RC is already loaded with Ilford XP2 and rated at 800. I’ll put the slide rated at 400 in the Chinon, and doubt I’ll use both rolls. The other 60 shots are just in case! The Chinon has a SMC Pentax-A 50mm F/1.4 on it, which will in all likelihood probably stay on it all day; there’s a IR Cut filter on it that loses a stop but ups the contrast. Just in case I have a portrait moment, or fancy some grab shots, I’ll switch to the Pentacon 135mm F/2.8. It’s a nice lens, but heavy.
The bag is an Olympus one from the 70’s. It should see daylight more this year.

My Flickr is here, and my Instagram is here. Thanks for reading. Now go and shoot what you’ve got!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Tom. I love that Olympus bag, very cool.
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