Camera Geekery: The Nandha Hotel in Bangkok


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Camera Geekery: The Nandha Hotel in Bangkok
Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to Bangkok by Monogram Asia to give a talk about cameras and photography at their 8/8 Street Photography Workshop. I met lots of cool people and had a really good time. But one of the definite highlights of the trip was the hotel.

Normally hotel reviews are something that would not really feature on the site. But the Nandha Hotel in Bangkok manages to edge its way in. The hotel is very conveniently located on Sukhumvit Road (as long as you don’t mind the ubiquitous ‘massage’ shops) and about 45 minutes by taxi from the airport.

So why is JCH writing about a hotel? Well I am glad you asked. This is not your ordinary hotel, this place is run by self confessed camera and bicycle geeks and is probably the best place for any photographer to stay in Bangkok.

If you don’t know about me, one of the things that I love apart from cameras is bikes. I love to ride and have a custom build single speed in Japan. So when I walked into the lobby of this boutique hotel I was immediately switched into full on geek mode. There are classic bikes all over the place, but not just that, there are cameras too.

Now these ones are just for show, but judging by how many photographers were staying at the hotel that week I recon we can give them a pass for that. The hotel lobby also has some really nice communal areas which have stacks of photo books and magazines, which means plenty of interesting things to discuss.

One thing I found out when I was visiting was that King Bhumibol, may he rest in peace, was an avid photographer. In fact in many of the images I saw of him he would be clutching a camera. He is rumoured to have had a very large collection of rare cameras as well. I bet his darkroom was epic.

The hotel is clean and quiet, despite the area. It was kind of like a cool oasis of photography in the middle of a gigantic city full of photographic opportunities. The Nandha is a new hotel and they are working very hard to make sure it give the best service possible. I found the rooms to be spacious, simple and clean. And to top it all off, there was super fast wifi available everywhere.

The atmosphere of the hotel is friendly and that really enhances the experience. I find that if I stay at a hotel that is indifferent to me as a guest I don’t sleep well and barely want to be there. With the Nandha it was hard to leave the cool cocoon to explore the city.

The Nandha has a cafe for breakfasts and snacks/drinks, though it is only western style they are delicious and inexpensive. I rarely eat a full breakfast but it was too good to turn down. A cuppa and you are ready to hit the streets of Bangkok.

If you are planning to take a trip to Bangkok and you love photography then you cannot go far wrong with checking out the Nandha hotel. I know I shall be staying there again.

You can see the hotel and book a room here:


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3 comments on “Camera Geekery: The Nandha Hotel in Bangkok”

    Justus Waldron May 17, 2017 at 10:24 pm / Reply

    Oooh a Graphic View 4×5! I just picked up a minty one for my foray into large format last week. Looks like an amazing place

    Kanisorn_au May 18, 2017 at 7:17 pm / Reply

    King bhumibol start taking photograph since he was a kid.He love taking photograph of his kids,his pets and events that he attended.The reason that King Bhumibol always have a camera with him is not just because he love taking photograph but because overall thailand 50-60 years ago is not well develop which cause him to travel around thailand alot to place that need help/development such as the east side of thailand which at the time is very dry and undevelop.What he did is travel to the area and talking to the native people about the problem that they’re facing.He also taking photograph for his further use in this development plan. With him travel to every undevelop place in thailand for 30-40 years straght with eachday with different place make him taking more than 100000 photos of thailand in 1950era until late 1980.
    King bhumibol start his photography hobby with “coronet midget”, A camera that he own since he was 8 years old. A year or two after that he change his camera to “Kodak Vest Pocket Montreux”.As he grow-up the camra that he use keep changing until he reach his 21th film camera when he’s around 50-60years old.

    1. Coronet Midget
    2. Kodak Vest Pocket Montreux
    3. Elax Lumie’re
    4. Linhof camera
    5. Hasselblad SLR
    6. Zeiss ikonflex with Zeiss Opton Tessar 1:3.5 F.75 mm lens
    7. Contax II
    8. Leica m3
    9. One of the Zeiss super ikonta camera
    10 .Robot Royal No.G 125721 Mod 111 Lens : Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 1.1.9/3542375
    11. Kiev Camera
    12. Canon 7
    13. Canon A-1
    14. Canon 35 autofocus
    15. Nikon F3
    16. canon eos650 or eos620
    17. Nikon F401s
    18. Minolta Dynax 5000i
    19. Minolta Weather Matic 35DL
    20. RICOH EF
    21 canon eos 30

    Mark Azavedo May 19, 2017 at 3:07 pm / Reply

    Worth remembering Leica’s 1996 Special Edition M6, celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Bhumiphol’s Accession.

    There is also a Leica Q Limited Edition “Bangkok” Model, dating from 2016

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