In your bag 491, Riandy Satria Putra
Riandy brings us a total beach bag. Sand between his toes and a bag full of film goodies. Come and relax a while with this great bag shot.

Hello, my name is Riandy Satria Putra and I’m from Pekanbaru Indonesia and this is my bag for travelling to Bandar Lampung.

Sorry no Leica or something expensive in my bag, but these cameras are complete my travel things. My bag is Hugger Bags Photo Booth, you can see my bag review here ( in case you able to read in Bahasa :D

That bag picture was taken in Corong Island, Indonesia. I bring 4 cameras and a lot of 120 and 135 film. Kodak is always be my favorite film, especially Ektachrome for cross processing.

These is inside my bag :

– Olympus XA 2
My favorite camera of all purpose and it’s always with me wherever I go. Compact and suprising camera.

– Lomography Spinner
This is why I love FILM! Take 360 degree of picture and digital can’t do the same ;) But because I can’t put this Spinner inside my bag, I need to detach it into pieces before.

– Lomography Diana F+ El Toro Edition
My first step to enter medium format world, soon I will get Pentax 6×7 my dream camera :D

– Lomography Fisheye No. 1 Rob Ryan Edition
Rare and perfect for travelling.

– Cleaning tools and waterproof pouch; and

– Kodak Film

Beside, I have Nikon D90 for my digital purpose. Unfortunatelly I sold my kit lens to buy a MUCH film, and not yet decided what my future lens. I use my compact camera (Nikon Coolpix and Kodak Easyshare) before I get new lens.

You can find me here : (personal FB) (My little online film shop) (not updated)

and my personal blog, (in Bahasa)

Thanks, for publish my bag, JCH :)

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Riandy. Myself, I have lost a camera because of sand in the past, so mine don’t go near a beach if at all possible.
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