In your bag No: 1202, Pete Johnson
Pete shares with us his bag, and his unique view on how his (dis)abilities aid his photographic vision. Shame he didn’t share a site with us, as I would love to see Pete’s work. Nevertheless, here is his super bag.

Pete is the name. I’m a short, deaf, (cancer as a kid) photography buff. The former gives me an interesting perspective for shooting (4’11’) and, because of the latter, the art is a wonderful outlet in a world one primarily experiences visually. Spent a long time with film via a Nikon FM-2 and the Minox 35MB pictured but had to take a hiatus when I loss access to a darkroom. Later, I sold the former and very some sweet lenses for a DSLR. Yes, I was idiot for selling those lenses but it put me back in the saddle again. I’ve moved since then to mirror-less.

The Fuji X-E1 is a bit of a dinosaur in this digital age but I like its form and the IQ of the photos I get. Not really worried about gimmickry. I have the Fuji 35mm and 60mm to go with it. My 21mm Voightlander is usually on the end of it (but not in this photo?) as I love the look and colors I get from it and the way the manual focus lens slows everything down and forces you to…well…focus!

The little Lumix DCM-5 is the camera I always have around as sometimes you don’t/can’t have your main camera with you. It is a great point-and-shoot that still provides the photographer with a lot of control over the shot.

All that technology yet I could never let go of the Minox – it is just a fun camera. I love its simplicity. It’s cool having to zone focus and figure out challenges with natural light. The phots I get from it are as good as any I get from its digital relatives. It is always worth the cost of film development. I usually shoot in black and white with Tri-X or Ilford.

The bag: It was a gift.

Yes the Billingham (Hadley Small) is fancy- schmantzy but it is a great bag: small, light, tough, very functional. It has grown on me. It is also very versatile: if I’m headed for somewhere I do not want to scream, “I have nice photography gear for the pickings!”, or need more room, I can remove its insert and place in my old canvas backpack from my school days.

So this is what I have to enjoy my hobby and participate!

Thanks for looking and happy shooting!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Pete. I wish you had shared a site with us too, I am sure many people would like to see you work.
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