In your bag 1013, Keith Arkins
Keith shares with us a really stunning setup showing us his love of shooting film. Come and check it out.

Long time reader, first time submitting. I’m a professional photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. Although I come from a press photography background, I now shoot mainly commercial & lifestyle photography. For my day to day commissions, I shoot with Canon digital cameras and L lenses, and have been for the last 15 years. However, when I go out to shoot for the love of shooting, I take this bag with me. No surprise that it’s also packed with Canon gear as well. When I started working professionally, I shot 80% with Hasselblad + slide, 15% with Sinar P2 4×5, and 5% with Nikon 35mm, and it was only when I moved over to the press that things started turning digital so it’s been a real pleasure to go back to shooting film, even it’s it’s only for personal work.

Here’s a list of my gear below:

1. Lomo LCA – for messin around.
2. Canon AE1P back-up camera – sometimes loaded with ilford Delta 3200.
3. Canon F1n w/ Canon FD 28mm 2.8 – The F1n is a somewhat recent acquirement, but I love it already and it’s now my go-to camera.
4. Original camera manuals – in case of troubleshooting issues.
5. Canon FD 135mm 3.5
6. Canon FD 50mm 1.8
7. 35mm neg – I’m working my way through a whole bunch of expired Fuji NPZ 800 (love the look it produces), but I also carry some ilford Delta 3200 and some cheap film for the Lomo.
8. Vintage compass – helps to figure out the direction of the sunset, especially when my phone signal is iffy.
9. Business cards
10. Molskine journal + sharpie – where all my ideas are kept.
11. iPhone 5 – for taking snapshots
12. Sekonic lightmeter – I trust it more than the camera’s lightmeter.
13. Lens cloth.
14. Canvas camera bag I picked up for €25 on ebay.

That’s it for now. Keep up the great site.

All the best,


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Keith. Love the compass.
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