In your bag 1014, Rodrigo Arandanos
It is not all that often we get a bag from Chile, but we have one today. And it is gorgeous. Check it out.

My name is Rodrigo, 27, I live in Melipilla, Chile, South America.
I work as a professional Illustrator, but photography is my hobby and my artistic mistress, haha.

Here’s my everyday setup, nothing fancy i guess:

I prefer small-ish cameras and always carry at least one of those: A 2nd hand Panasonic Lumix GX1 + 20mm 1.7 pancake lens with a 46 to 37mm step down ring for protection, this is my main shooter.

An Olympus XA2 who is in mild condition, but usually get things done. I love how fast one can be with this camera and even if the viewfinder is not the best, i like framing the picture with it, something that i miss in the GX1.

I shoot lford HP5 rolls loaded form bulk rolls from a photostore, It’s “cheaper” ($5) and almost the only option to shoot BW here (want to try Kodak BW films). I’m part of a photo workshop and we make copies in paper using a shared space, is really nice to have a small community of kind people to talk about photography in real life.

Something to clean lenses, a ballpoint pen and a really small note book.

Smartphone, I don’t like the camera so I usually don’t take photos with it.

Not pictured: A black Canon AE-1 Program with a 50mm f1,4, 28mm f2,8 and a really old 135mm f3,5. FD mount to m4/3 mount adaptor, and a CCTV 35mm 1,7 lens with a m4/3 adaptor. I use those on special ocassions, the 50mm is my “portrait” lens on the GX1, is very nice.

I’ve been taking photos since 2 years ago, I like to go out and take photos on the street and things that see in my life.

I have a blog called “better mistakes” where i upload a photo daily for a year, is a good exercise:

My flickr

Oh also my illustation portfolio if you want to share it.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Rodrigo. I love the look of this one, so straightforward.
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