In your bag 779, Matt M
Seeing as it is a film day, Matt is sharing with us not only his bag, but his film stash too. And this bag really is a beauty. Check it out.

My bag has evolved quite a bit over the past 14 years starting out with disposable cameras, then point and shoots, followed by entry-level DSLR’s and pro-level DSLRs. I used to shoot quite a bit of motorsport, concerts, and weddings and the cameras that I owned suited those needs perfectly. Of course, they were large and cumbersome and I would often leave them at home because I didn’t want to carry them around with me all day if I wasn’t on a paid job. 

When the Fuji x100 was announced in 2011 the way I shot completely changed and nothing has been the same since. All my Canon gear was sold in 2013 and the only digital camera I own now is the x100s. I also have a pair of Leica M2’s (one chrome and one black paint) which are what I shoot with on a regular basis.

Bag In

My bag now consists of two cameras that I couldn’t be happier with. The Fuji x100s is a perfect travel companion and works great when the sun goes down thanks to its high ISO capabilities. With the M2 I get to use my Leica glass, enjoy the full manual/rangefinder experience, and try out different films. This kit fits 95% of my needs now and when I do need gear for paid jobs, I simply rent it.

Bag: Ona Bowery waxed Canvas

Digital camera: Fuji x100s, Tom Abrahamsson soft release, Artist & Artisan 103N strap

Film camera: Black paint Leica M2, 50mm Summicron, JCH  soft release, Artist & Artisan 103N strap


Hama film case typically filled with Arista Premium 400

Lens pen

Lee Seven5 filter system

BW ND filters

extra batteries

12″ gold/silver reflector

24″ cable release

MKII Bond watch

iPhone 5 w/ Pocket Light Meter app

Bag Out

I now revel in the simplicity of what I have at my fingertips and am more comfortable with these cameras and how I shoot then I ever have been before.

I’ve also included two shots of some of the film I have stocked in my freezer for your ‘Show us your film’ series (I will show them later-JCH). Thanks Bellamy, keep up the great site!




Thanks for sharing your bag with us Matt. That black paint is stunning.
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