In your bag No: 1461, Romain Dégrés
Romain has a couple of sweet bags for us today. He made the switch from film to digital and now has a pair of lovely setups for us to drool over. Check them out.

I got back to analog photography a few years ago when I realised that, stumbling on some pictures on social medias like Flickr and Pinterest, most of them had been taken with cameras I had never heard of. There was something special in the colors I could not define. I can clearly think of a series made in a japanese cemetery with a Yashica Mat and think to myself “This is it. That’s the pictures look & feel I’m searching for”. I fell of my chair when I googled the camera’s name. An analog camera… then I fell in love with TLR cameras and quickly acquired Yashicas and Rolleiflex.

I also started collecting various telemeters from late sixties and seventies : Canonets, Hi-Matics, Olympus. I believe I like using these cameras more than the pictures they give me.

Usually when I’m packing my stuff/preparing my camera bag for a trip or a walk, I’m having a hard time choosing which ones I’ll bring with me. I find myself searching for a balance that’s nowhere to be found, between these all time favorites that won’t disappoint, and these later additions to the collection I d’like to check.

Most of the time I’ll end up with a 6*6 camera, Yashica if I’m aiming to shoot color, Rolleiflex if I’m currently into Black and White.

My Olympus SP 35 also has a good chance to join the party. I’m a big fan of its spot light measurement function, I was lucky enough to get a reliable cellule on my copy. The sound of its shutter button drives me crazy.

I’ll always take a few accessories on my journey : rolleinars have become essential partners for portraits and closer shots. Lens pens and dust blowers are my allies in my fight against dust. I’ll also use a cheap cellule which is about to break in my hands everytime I’m holding it. You will recognize the JCH film cases… which I usually fill with various Kodak rolls of 120 film.

I also have interest in instant photography (both with Fujifilm and Impossible films) and I’ll occasionally go for a walk with a Polaroid and/or an Instax camera.

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Thanks for sharing your bags with us, Romain. They are perfect, I love the instant bag.
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