In your bag 791, Hariri Ariffin
A simple bag today and a photographic confession of sorts. Hariri takes pictures that may be considered macabre, but I consider to be fascinating. Shame we cannot see them.

Hello all, I am Hariry and my bag is all i got! I used to live all over Peninsular of Malaysia, and currently staying in Kuantan, east of Malaysia.

I am a medical student and would always sneak my camera to hospital that i’m attached to. Operation theatre, Wards, Asylum, Morgue? You name it. However, I rarely upload those photos. They are just for my own collection.

My main camera is Leica M6, mounted with Old Noctilux but during my attachment at the hospital, I would only bring my 62 year-old Leica IIIf with collapsible lens, so that i can slip it into my white coat’s pocket and remain stealth!

Other items are:

CV 28mm f/1.9

Classic-looking waterproof bag from Japan

2 B+W ND filters

Japan Camera Hunter film case, in black.

Note book for my medical notes


My old iPhone 4

I don’t really have a website, but i keep updating myself via Instagram. (@hariryariffin)
Wish me luck for my final professional examination this coming February!

Good luck with your examination and thanks for sharing your bag.
No sites to check, sorry. But check out his instagram.

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