In your bag No: 1215, Glad
All I have for a name is Glad, but I certainly am glad (oof) that he sent me his bag. This one is great, a classic Russian camera and the bare essentials. Just what you need for a day of shooting. Check it out.

Well finally i got round to sending you the contents of my medium format bag. Please note this is a working bag as it’s one l use frequently.

So about me where do l start, well I first took up photography in the 1980’s after buying a Practica TTL beast but with the help of my at that time girlfriends dad I understood what i was doing. The photography fever had got me and i stepped up to buying a Chinon SLR ( all l could afford) from Dixon’s. Laugh all you want but with that camera i got some great music concert pics Sade’s 1st and 2nd manchester gigs, Sting, Kid Creole, Al Jarreau, Gil Scott Heron to name a few.

I moved into medium format with the purchase of a Yashica 124G, which i still have and use. I and 2 friends formed a photo group called The Photographers Collective, which we used to exhibit our work around Manchester, theatres, hospitals, libraries, we even held an open air exhibition. Our philosophy back then was photography seemed to elitist and so wherte there was a wall we’d show our work.

However at some point in the 90’s l just stopped my photography unsure why probably a broken relationship. So didgital comes along and it kind of excited me but i never did rush headlong into it. However the iPhone and a lovely Chinese made camera app called Lemeleme helped me to start to take photos again.

It was after my good lady took my Billingham bag and those chinon cameras (yes Billingham bag and Chinons) to the charity shop in 2013, that l discovered my Yashica 124G in my shed along with all my developed and undeveloped film. A quick look on ebay showed me a world of bargain cameras, which i could never afford back in the day. Since then I’ve bought far too many compacts, folders, 35mm amd 120 film cameras.

The Kiev 88 you see I bought last year from West Yorkshire cameras in Leeds a great little shop and the two young lads are knowledgeable and helpful. Theye were having a sale at the time so I just couldn’t say no to the Kiev as i loved the weight of it in my hand, came with a 80mm lens and it does the job for me and i find it very easy to handle. It’s about the image more than the gear for me even though i see to buy too much.

My favourites subjects matters are of the urban landscape l’m not into street photography but l am trying to do more portraiture and have a couple of projects in my head. I shoot mainly on B& W film with the Kiev as I develop my B&W at home. It’s also interesting looking back at my work in the 80’s and comparing them with my work now some 30 years later.

Have camera, have film keep shooting!!

Camera; Kiev 88
Lens: 80mm
Light meter: Gossen Lunasix 6
Film: Ilford HP5+ FP4
Bag: Lowepro RL 200


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Glad. I wish you had shared a site with us too, so we could see your work.
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