For this week’s “In Your Bag” we have Milan and his range of compacts!

I am Milan Koch from Berlin, Germany. I have been doing photography since a teenager, mainly to keep some sort of visual diary. Later I went to Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie here in Berlin.
I am still mostly interested to capture what’s around me and always carry some small cameras, since they fit my photographic needs perfectly; lightweight, stealthy, and easily accessible.
My latest project is a subjective reportage on the city I live in. It’s called, “Territorium” and is published by PogoBooks Berlin … check it out.
It’s all shot on black and white film, and this is the setup I was mostly carrying around during that time.
 Contax T3 for flex and semi-wide angle portraits
Ricoh Gr1, I lost three of them to broken flex cables and the light it makes is a bit annoying. But hey, sweetest 28mm point and shoot ever!
Yashica T5 with color film, because I never could dedicate to black and white film only.
Two rolls of color and BW film each, spare battery, and chewing gum for fresh breath.
A lighter for the Cigs and some Pens for writing stuff on film or to make notes.
Most of this will fit in the greasy bum bag while the rest goes in my coat pocket.
If you wanna check out my photography, take a look at my insta @milan_koch__ or my website :
Cheers and all the best,



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