In your bag No: 1661 – Steve Evans

Steve shares with us what he believes is the as-near-perfect-as-you-can-get travel bag.

Here is my optimum travel outfit for airplane travel, that all fits in my 20yr old Billingham Hadley.

I shoot 4×5 large format for landscapes but find that all the equipment a real pain to travel with especially if I am also on vacation. The Fuji GSW690ii gives me the ability to shoot hand held nice big large negatives, a definite improvement over 35mm, with the amount of detail rivaling that of the large format. Of course the other advantage when traveling to remote areas is the lack of any batteries required to operate this camera.

The same of course can be said of the Leica M6 classic, which combined with a good 35mm lens gives me a nice walk around camera. I do carry a micro 4/3 camera as I find that this is ideal for reportage and snapshot type shooting and is great for those holiday snaps that you just have to take but don’t want to waste film on. Paired with the f2.8 12 to 40mm pro lens I have another excellent walk around camera.

Of course when you are traveling you may not always be able to carry a lot of gear either due to the activity or a need to remain inconspicuous therefore I can throw my Olympus XA in my pocket along with my dji osmo pocket.

I will often throw in the Gorilla pod but it doesn’t really fit in that bag.

Although I currently have the seconic light meter here I would also include my Minolta spot meter if I was going to be shooting a lot of slide film.

After many years traveling the world I find that this outfit suits me the best, at least for now.


Thanks for sending us your bag shot Steve. Very well thought out and efficient pack!

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