In your bag No: 1512 – Jeb Inge

Today Jeb shows us his eclectic selection of analog bliss. A couple very underrated gems!

I just got back from two weeks of shooting in Europe and thought I would share the setup I took with me.

Some background on the trip: I spent two weeks exploring Berlin, Dresden and Prague. Most of the time was spent in Berlin, with a couple days in Dresden and only an overnight in Prague. Last year was my first trip to Europe and really over packed. Last year I lost a luggage bag, so this year I promised I’d be more deliberate with my packing decisions. Which I obviously then promptly forgot.

Ape Case bag: I’ll start by saying I’ve never found a camera bag that I truly loved. I guess that can be a common trait among photographers. I go through phases of love and hate with this bag, which was also my first camera bag. But it was great for what it needed to do.

Pentax 645: A real beast to carry around. But I had a project I was working on that required using expired 120 film and this was my best option for shooting it. Also because the film was expired in 1990, I had to shoot it at around 80 to compensate, meaning I needed a tripod. So clearly I didn’t learn my lessons from the year before.

Pentax 645 A 75mm f/2.8 and 150mm f/3.5: I don’t think there’s a faster A mount 645 lens than the 75mm, which says a lot about that line. I mostly stuck with that lens, but couldn’t leave without something a little longer.

Minolta XD11: I’ve reviewed this camera for you before so my thoughts on this camera are out there. But let me add that this camera really is an unfailing performer. It’s the only camera that has never let me down. (Plenty of times I’ve let IT down!)

ROKKOR 35mm f/2.8 and 135mm f/2.8: Both of these are relatively new lenses to my collection, but had good enough reputations for me to take them. I like both of the lenses, but the 35mm the most. I think it’s probably my favorite focal length to work with.

Minolta Level Finder: A great tool for getting unique angles. Totally should have left it behind.

Nikon L35AF: I’ve taken some of my favorite pictures with this camera so even if I only took two cameras, this would be one of them. That lens is as sharp as they come.

Yashica T2: Another recent purchase that I took a risk on. I know the lenses on these cameras are pretty famous, but this trip showed that I just don’t like it as much as the L35AF. There’s no ISO control and the turning the flash off means holding the button down, which was a bit annoying. Still, I’m interested to see what comes out of the rolls that went into it.

Other items: I used a Photomemo book from ShootFilmCo to log all the film. I don’t know how I got by without them in the past. I had two 35mm holders from Japan Camera Hunter which were great. My strap is from 595 Strap Co. I love this strap and it really classes up the Minolta. They say a good strap is worth the money and boy are they right.

As far as film goes, I shot a lot of Kodak Portra in all speeds as well as Ektar. For consumer film I always go with AGFA 200 and black and white is always Tri-X. But I also took some Fuji Velvia and Provia in 120 sizes. I shot them as though they weren’t slide film on accident so I just hope some of them turn out alright. The expired film I shot was Kodak Vericolor that expired in 1990.

​Instagram: @jeb1nge

Thanks for sharing your setup with us Jeb. Excited to see how that Vericolor comes out!

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