In your bag No: 1228, Glenn Smith
Glenn comes from my old stomping grounds, where I first grew up with a camera. It is nice to see that there are still film shooters there. Glenn’s bag has some cracking cameras inside. Check it out.

Hello Bellamy
Love your site, delighted to see you’ve started doing your own video channel on YouTube too. I’m subscribed!

I’m Glenn Smith, and I come from Aylesbury in the UK.

So here is my bag submission. I’ve relatively recently returned to shooting film after many years of digital. I now find that right now I shoot digital for colour, and film for black and white.

I shoot anything and everything, and always for fun.

So here goes:

The bag – this is an ACME Messenger bag. I bought this one lunchtime from a local Jessops store. By the time I’d got back to work and checked the BBC News website, they’d gone into administration! I did wonder why the staff looked gloomy!

Cameras –

Top one is a Rank Mamiya 35mm Rangefinder camera that I bought for £10 from a camera show recently. It’s a lovely little camera, and results from my first film prove that it works just fine (ignoring the crazy meter on top).

Below that is my Pentax MX, and what a lovely camera it is. A friend gave me a bag of Pentax bits he didn’t want, including the SMC 50mm 1.4 lens that is fitted here. I bought a cheap orange filter to use on it and quite like the results.

Finally, my Polaroid 320 Land Camera that is great fun, even if it does make me look daft when I pull that out to shoot in a crowded area!

Film –

Fuji FP100C for the Polaroid, obviously. I quite like the Silk variant. Wish it wasn’t so pricey….

Ilford in either HP5+ or FP4+. I develop this myself at home in D76. Nothing better than seeing a film come out of the cannister with images on it!

Meter –

Bought this recently from eBay for a fiver. A real bargain except that the battery for it is a funny 1.35v one and I ended up paying more for that than the meter itself.

Looking to purchase a medium format film camera next, perhaps a Bronica SQ-Ai or a Mamiya RB67. I think I’ve got the film bug…..


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