In your bag No: 1227, Tammo Klaassen
Tammo shares with us a backpack, not something we see a lot of lately. It mainly seems to be Billingham’s and whatnot, so it is nice to see something a bit different. Check it out.

Hey what’s up everyone. My name is Tammo Klaassen and I’m a 24 year old photographer from Germany. I just recently came across the JCH website so I thought I’d post my gear on here :) I have been taking photos for almost 14 years now, as I started out with my dad’s old Minolta Dynax 500si. After that I bought my first camera, a Canon EOS 350D, which is still up an running and is still my backup camera. I love shooting with whatever camera I can get my hands on, but shooting digital has become somewhat of a job for me, so I started using my dad’s old Canon AE-1 Program again which was collecting dust in the basement.

I love the feeling a film camera gives you. You really have to think about your shot, as you only get 36 per roll and not 500 RAW files on a memory card. The fixed 50mm helps with being more careful about selecting THAT shot. Plus the images are just pure bokeh heaven with that 1.8 aperture (just wow). As of about 2 month ago I started carrying the AE-1 and the 50mm around everywhere and it’s been a blast. There’s just something calming and soothing about shooting film while everyone around you is gunning away with DSLRs (I do love my 350D and my new 6D, but you guys know what I mean).

Most of my shooting is travel photography and some nature and some landscape stuff in between, but I recently started looking into street photography. I love the idea of just roaming the streets with your camera and collecting whatever interesting scenes or faces you come across. The old film Canon helps with the street shooting, even though the mechanism is so loud people come up to you and tell you stories of how they had an AE-1 once (seems like EVERYONE started out with this camera :D ).

Right now most of my equipment, both digital and film is sitting in the larger than life Tamrac Expedition 7 backpack which is way too comfy even with this load of equipment. I am looking into buying a smaller stealthier bag for street shooting though as this whopper is too attention grabbing for my taste (at least for street shooting).

I would love to add a Hassy 500CM to my collection, but as a law student money is somewhat tight.

I also just recently started my own Facebook page and looking into blog sites, since I’m always traveling the world and I do want to share my passion for traveling and photography with others. (

Now for the gear I’m using:
– Tamrac Expedition 7 backpack

– Canon EOS 6D (not pictured)
– Canon EOS 350D (not pictured)
– 2x Canon AE-1 Programm (both shooting Ilford HP5 400 film as of now)

– Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 (+ EW-60C + Hoya UV Protector Filter)
– Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM (+ Tiffen UV Protector + ET-74)
– Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM EX
– Canon FD 50mm f/1.8
– Tokina 35-70mm f/4 (FD) (+ Hoya Skylight Filter)

– Soligor 42 DA Flash
– Lenspen mini pro

– Apple MacBook Pro 15” (+ Samsung SSD)
– HTC One M7

– Reiz Bär Glasses

Hope you guys enjoy :) Also do visit my pages I will be posting more film photos as I get back the first developed rolls.

Take care :)

Instagram: mk6_bigmoe

Thanks for sharing you bag with us, Tammo. Nice to see those AE-1’s getting some action.
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