In your bag No: 1560 – Jackson Kirchner

This is the gear of choice that Jackson packs when he’s venturing into the “Upside Down”.

Hey everyone, I’m Jackson and I’m a 21 year shooting film & digital in Atlanta, Georgia. I have only been shooting about 2 1/2 years digital and only 1 year of film, but I am already sucked into the mysterious world of analogue.

Pictured is just my analogue gear today. I mostly use the Pentax 6×7; generally its equipped with a custom Snapu grip, a standard left hand grip, cable release, mounted Sekonic L-208 Twin Mate analog meter, waist level finder, Monarch strap and the amazingly sharp 55mm f/4 SMC. Sometimes I put my 75mm back on but the 55mm is my preferred focal length. 

The other camera is the well-known Yashica Electro 35 GSN; this one is a little special because it has the same strap that Andrew Garfield (Spider-man) uses in The Amazing Spider-man. 

I use Mike Padua’s Photomemo book to track my film rolls and a rocket blower to keep the lenses dust free(ish). Lastly the bag is a Stranger Things backpack I picked up from Target; Probably my favorite show at the moment, especially because its filmed right here in Georgia!

I shoot all sorts of film, my favorite is Aerochrome hands down though; its challenging but incredibly rewarding to shoot with. I’d describe my work as landscape, travel, street, and portraiture. If you want to see some funky Aerochrome shots, some street shots on medium format, or just good ole digital shots, check out my website or Instagram. Thanks for checking out my gear!

Jackson Kirchner




Jackson Kirchner

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