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In your bag 980, Steve Hodgson
Steve has a case, not a bag. And a pretty awesome case it is too. Check it out.

My name is Steve Hodgson, I’m an amateur photographer living and working in Edinburgh and was previously featured in episode #207 of ‘In Your Bag’. While the cameras I’m using have stayed unchanged, there have been some big changes to how I store and carry my equipment and that might be of interest.

My favourite camera is still my Leica rangefinder but I enjoy using all of them and I don’t intend to make any changes. I’ve recently bought a used Nikon 105mm lens for shooting portrait photographs with my FM3A camera  and that’s one of the biggest changes in my equipment over the last few years. Where I used to use a Ricoh GRD as the compact camera I could quickly throw into a pocket I’m now using its film predecessor. I’m lucky enough to have a great shop in Edinburgh selling used cameras and when they had this beautiful little 35mm classic available I was powerless to resist.

And so to the ‘bag’… One of the problems I experienced in the last few years was that I had no way to store and carry all of my cameras together. I generally just use one camera at a time, and carry that in a messenger bag, but I had no easy way to transport my cameras for family holidays and they were generally scattered about my home.

I now store all my film cameras in a small Peli case which is pretty much indestructible. It took some time to pluck out all the little beads of foam around each item but it was also great fun. The benefit of this case is that I can just throw it in the boot of the car and pile any other luggage on top without worrying about damaging my equipment.

The contents of the case are:

1. Leica M6 TTL fitted with Summicron 50mm F2 lens.

2. Nikon FM3A fitted with 105mm F2.5 lens.

3. A small monoscope that’s useful to spot things that might be of interest. It’s small enough to throw in a coat pocket when walking.

4. Ricoh GR1s camera

5. Weston lightmeter

6. Zero Image 2000 camera

7. Film safe for storing films.

8. Ricoh GRD

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Thanks for sharing your case with us Steve. That certainly is a change.
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3 comments on “In your bag No: 980 – Steve Hodgson”

    Mark September 3, 2014 at 5:45 am / Reply

    I bet you are a happy man when you open that case up! Nice kit.

    graham September 3, 2014 at 9:54 am / Reply

    Just don’t let your stuff sit directly in that foam too long in a hot environment. I bought a box full of lenses where the aluminum had been pitted from the chemicals in the foam. One lens was in a fabric case and was mint, the others looked like they had been in the ocean for 10 years although the glass was still perfect. I do not think it was Pelican case foam and for all I know that stuff is archival; its at least something to look into. You could make some little cloth draw string bags and put desiccant (silica gel packs) in the case since they are air tight. You don’t want mold growing in that thing,

    Robin September 4, 2014 at 12:09 am / Reply

    Hello from another Scot, I’m over the river in Fife. I also love old cameras and fountain pens, and have a reasonable collection of each, including a black M6 TTL, M9, Bronica SQ-A etc etc! Must do a bag shot soon.
    I like your setup very much, and enjoyed looking through your Flickr portfolio.
    Best Wishes, Robin.

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