IN YOUR BAG: 1743 – Patric Alfred Haroldo

For this week’s installment of “In Your Bag” we have Patric and his simple and efficient set up. 

My name is Patric Alfred Haroldo, but I go by Pharoldo for short. I live in Búzios, Brazil. I work at a restaurant called Fishbone during the day, while at night I am always photographing!

The Bag

My minimal kit that consists of the Sony RX1RII with lots of extra batteries, a lens hood, Metro case grip, Tiffen black mist 1/4 filter, and a Wotenkraft Sling bag. I edit my photos on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is why I have the card reader and the extra battery for it.

I used to shoot exclusively analog! Unfortunately Provia 400X, the film I always used, was discontinued, but now I am thinking of switching again. JCH gave me hope with the Fugufilm, really looking forward to it! So maybe my next submission will be an analog camera and lots of Fugufilm!

Social Media


Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

Send me a high resolution image of the bag. Optimum size is 1500px across. Please ensure there is a bag in the shot, unless you don’t use one. The more you can write about yourself the better, make it appealing and tell us a story. Snapshots of your gear with a camera phone and no words will not be featured.
Oh and don’t forget your contact details (Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Grainery et al). Send the bag shots here. Not all make the cut, so make sure yours is funny/interesting/quirky. And please make sure the shot is of good quality, you are a photographer after all.