In your bag No: 1559 – Kitty Chirapongse

Kitty welcomed a new addition to her photography diet and it cured her GAS (for now)

I have always been GAS-sy. I would scout flea markets, antique stores, Etsy, and *gasp* eBay to find my next favorite film camera. However I always thought a Leica, new or old, would be out of my league but it was always my goal to own one.

It wasn’t until my grandfather passed away that I started my search for a Leica. You see, when he passed, my family found his locked cabinet that he never let anyone touch when he was alive. We opened it and inside we found a pristine Leica M3 red velvet box, complete with instruction booklet, certificates, receipts, tags, everything, but no camera! According to my mother, one time my grandfather forgot a camera on the plane during a family trip when she was little. We just assumed it was the M3, and he was probably so devastated that he still kept the box and all its contents after all these years.

So to complete my grandpa’s preciously kept Leica box, I got myself an M3. I thought I finally got a Leica like I had always dreamed of, this would be it. All I needed was just an M3 and a good lens and I would be done. *rolls eyes*

Fast forward two years, I now have an M3 (it’s in the shop getting its shutter fixed), a Minolta CL, an anthracite digital ME, an AF-C1 just because, and my new favorite titanium M6, which I got in Tokyo with the help of Bellamy! And the disposable Fuji is always there for when I don’t feel to fancy to be accompanied by a Leica.

I first met Bellamy at a photography workshop in Bangkok and he talked about finding THE ONE CAMERA to curb all of your GAS problems. With the M6’s champagne colored metal and its beautiful ostrich skin, I think I am finally done.

I also started a photography-focused Instagram when I first got my M3. You can check it out at @kitzonaroll

(The bag is Tenba Cooper, adorned with JCH and Asilda Store pins.)


Thank you!


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