In your bag 892, Boonsong
Wow, todays bag is a corker. Check out that beautiful folding camera. Come and have a look at Boonsong’s classic bag.

I am Boonsong from Singapore, and what I am going to show you is probably the simpliest bag of all time, which really reflects my personality :)

This is what I brought over to Vietnam and China earlier this year, along with my digital gear (an Olympus OM-D EM-5 with 14mm, 20mm and 45mm lenses). I end up using the film gear because it is quiet and portable. I was also taking a black/white printing class, and I desperately need new negs to print from! :)

The camera I use is a medium format Zeiss Ikonta M folder. It has a very decent Novar-Anastigat 75mm f3.5 lens. I love foldies because it doesn’t attract eye balls from my possible subjects. When not in use, this camera stays folded in jacket pocket or I simply carry it in one hand like a book. I have a gaffer tape to secure the back release catch just in case.

This camera doesn’t have a meter so I use a Sekonic L208 in ambient light reading mode. I bring an extra CR2032 battery for it, just in case.

My favorite emulsions are Kodak Tri-X/Ilford HP5 plus. I usually just bring 5 rolls out when I leave the hotel, and they rest within my other jacket pocket. I keep the light meter in my jeans and also have a plastic bag somewhere in case of wet weather.

Lastly, I have a Google Nexus 4 phone which is my secondary/back up camera!

In warmer weather, I make do without the jacket and keep them in a pouch as shown above.

So that is my set up. I can walk for miles with these. The more I walk, the more I shoot.

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Thank you very much, lovely site btw!

Thanks for sharing your classic bag with us, Boonsong. The Zeiss is great.
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