In your bag No: 822 – David Aragon


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In your bag 822, David Aragon
Today we have a very special camera to share. David brings us his incredible Polaroid land camera. Come and check out this beauty.

I have been shooting Polaroid for over a decade using pretty much every camera format out there and I wanted to show how much fun it is to have a “Real” Polaroid print in the moment. In 2012 I started to bring a Polaroid camera with me when I go to Anime Conventions. I haven’t seen much in cosplay taken with Polaroid cameras in the past decade, so I gave it my go. I take only one Polaroid of each cosplayer by themselves, or if I make a mistake, another one shot is taken. I use two Polaroid cameras, the Automatic 100 and the Model 800.

I have been conned, the “Polaroid Man” at these conventions as I walk around with a 50 year old camera in my hand. Also I have a table that I display the photos taken at the convention along with the camera. Many people come up to me and talk to me about their memories with these cameras. Also people who still shoot film, like I do, at these events and what they think of the impact on what we do. I had a great time with a photographer who was shooting with a 4×5 camera at Saboten Con! The many people I had met with just this camera in my hand and what it means to them. It’s amazing what Polaroid photography is making my photography better and also reconnecting to myself and connecting with people with this camera and the stories that each of us have.

I have the Polaroid Model 800, with hot shoe and Polaroid 100 series film back from an old passport camera. Also a list of f stops for each EV setting on the camera for flash exposure calculations.

Polaroid #280 close up kit with 3 diopters and measuring tape for close ups as close as a few inches.

Minolta 4000AF flash for indoor photos and the GN of this flash @35mm goes great with the EV settings for easier flash use.

Original instruction manual, warranty and other paperwork on how to use the Model 800.

Also the Polaroid Print Coater for using Type 42 film.

David H. Aragon

Central New Mexico Anime Club, President

Thanks for sharing your amazing camera with us David. I guess they don’t see many of them at the anime conventions.
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5 comments on “In your bag No: 822 – David Aragon”

    Matt March 24, 2014 at 6:55 am / Reply

    Very cool! I actually just received a hand-me-down Polaroid 800 Land Camera as well, and was eager to start using it… but discovered quickly that the roll-format polaroid film is no longer made for it (and not even by impossible project or others). I would love to learn/see how David has modified his 800 to accept the 100 series film back!

      Till Wichmann March 24, 2014 at 11:04 pm /

      Me too! But i think you can also have them converted to normal Rollfilm.

    Dan Castelli March 25, 2014 at 2:14 am / Reply

    “Many people come up to me and talk to me about their memories with these cameras.” Camera are like puppies, people love to come up to you and talk about photography. You meet some cool people this way!

    Nick Marshall March 26, 2014 at 8:01 am / Reply

    David, do you have a Flickr set of your Polaroid pictures? I looked through your Flickr but couldn’t find any…

    I’ve been shooting with an Automatic 100 and 250 for a little over a year, often with flashbulbs at night. I have a Polaroid 150 and some Type 42 roll film but haven’t gotten a chance to try it and see if it works or not.

    Craig Hall April 27, 2014 at 8:00 am / Reply

    I just found one of these cameras, along with a polaroid print copier, and am looking for the film. I heard that it was still available in Japan but everything I’ve read so far says that the film is not available anywhere and you have to get the back converted. Has anyone been able to find the film recently?

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